Nothing Lasts Forever

January 5, 2018
By Anonymous

To me family is the most important and influential group of people in life. I have always been by family and the memories we shared I will never forget

Whenever I think back to my childhood the first thing I remember is the family reunions we would have. The heady smell from the kitchen would cover the house, the laughter and conversations would fill the room. When it was time to eat we would all gather around the dinner table to eat together. Looking around at all the smiling faces and watching everyone enjoy the night is something I hope everyone experiences in their life.

Thinking back on it to this day I don’t know what happened between everyone. As the years passed we started get together less, we started to talk less and eventually stopped talking all together. My cousins which I grew up and lived on the same street as me, moved to Texas and other family moved back to Mexico, only saying their goodbyes the day before they left. I am disappointed it ended the way it did but I am not frustrated with it because my family had taught me that nothing last forever.

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