January 5, 2018
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Thanks perfection.

Thanks for making flawlessness look like a deer in a lion’s den.

Perfection is the lion in that den it makes its self-known and shows its power. The lion could easily tear that deer to shreds. Perfection knows its worth.

Perfection is strong but always misjudged. Perfection knows what is right for her and how she wants things to be done. Even with her determination there is always obstacles. She has learned how to face several obstacles but after hearing about her own flaws she doubts she will ever truly be perfect. She continues to try and prove that she is worthy of her name but it only makes her desire and strength fade away. She realizes that it’s not a name she actually wants.

Perfection isn’t something you should truly desire because it can drag you down like you have 5 anchors strapped to your legs in the middle of the ocean with not a soul around. Perfection is what drove me to try and be the best at riding. Till one day I was leading a group and I started to lose control, next thing I know I am hanging off a cliff because I had just flipped my four-wheeler. I hear my uncle say, “Quick, grab her!” Everything was a blur but I knew I was still alive because I could feel the pain of my broken bone. Trying to be perfect almost took my life.

Perfection is having a paint job with no error. Perfection is being the best character of yourself that makes others see you as perfect. But needing perfection can be destructive.

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