Anxiety's Life as a Person

January 5, 2018
By Lanieloo16 BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
Lanieloo16 BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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Anxiety is a student in college doing her classwork last minute and missing classes. She was excited about doing new things and getting the job she wants, but she believed she wouldn’t finish because of the way she worries about what people think of her.

She usually sits in her apartment by herself, not wanting to be around anyone. You can see her walking around to go get the necessities. She is awkward around others but has a kind soul. She panics when having to do anything involving larger groups or talking in front of a crowd. Anxiety wears sweatpants and t-shirts most of the time, only owning maybe one or two pairs of pants. When she needs something she creeps up on you and speaks loudly. She worries about what people say about her. She is messy and unorganized.


She doesn’t just come in slowly, she creeps up on you for a little bit and then crashes down on you like a wave in the ocean. Anxiety hit me one day randomly when I was sitting on the couch before school. I got this feeling over my body and felt something was wrong and just wanted to cry. Nothing happened that day but it just shows how fast she can come in and mess up your whole day.

So thank you anxiety for rolling into my life like a tornado during a bad storm. Worrying is the storm and anxiety is the tornado that came in and destroyed everything. Making me panic over nothing and everything. Making me feel like crying is the only way to calm me.

The author's comments:

We were reading other people's thoughts about how emotions would act and how they would feel as a person and as an assignment we were told to do the same about a feeling that you can connect to and this was something I connected too.

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