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The Day Someone Hated Me

January 2, 2018
By Luigin_Teofilo SILVER, Quezon City, Other
Luigin_Teofilo SILVER, Quezon City, Other
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This is probably the day I will never forget for the rest of the remaining years I have studying at school and probably for the rest of my life. It's about the time someone hated me, and I must admit, it wasn’t pretty. I will state the fact that throughout my years of studying, I have never had anyone hated on me before. Consequently, I was very proud of never having one. But it all soon change when a single argument turned into something deadly between two classmates that torn the unity of a class. 

No, it didn’t reach a certain point where things get physical thanks to “his” friends who calmed him down. Despite of my luck from physical aggression I experienced something much worse and that is being the target of gossip. In fact, I’ve already anticipated it from happening especially on social media. Since we are in the digital age, we post pretty much anything on the internet without hesitation or a second thought. But what I didn’t expect was the comments.

Suddenly, I was in a state of perturbation. For me, this was a turning point in my psyche where I realized how mean and bigoted people can be especially when they degrade someone. Little by little, it destroyed my ego. The next several days, I felt very weak and anxious. I didn’t know what to do but just wallow myself in tears realizing the mental pain and depression I’ve been experiencing. 

But in a flash, I saw myself standing up once again. It was as if I saw a glimmer of hope that I began to keep moving forward with my life. I never thought it was possible for me to be this strong. I’ve always seen myself as fragile and timid. But this experience unlocked my strength I never thought I had. This time, nothing is going to stop me from happily living my life. I let him be for whatever he thinks of me because I do not care anymore. 

I am impervious because I have found my inner strength.

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