How It Feels to Like You

December 29, 2017
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A little story, a love story? No. I wish. But not everything ends up that way.

A story of all my emotions, gathered up, for this one boy that I know will not like me back in the way that I do him. Despite that, I just want to have a small glimpse of hope, that maybe... he’ll realize it before my feelings drift.

I'm jealous of a girl that I don’t even know, is that wrong? He tells me that he likes a girl and I never ask of her name because I am too afraid to find out. I never ask about the progress he is making with her because I am too afraid to find out...because I'm certain that that small glimpse of hope I've wanted, will no longer be an option for me

Don’t even get me started on those damn instagram and snapchat stories... god every time he brings her up... I get it, the girl you're into ISN'T ME !!!

Like anyone else, with these stupid crushes, I don’t want to get rejected. I don't think i can handle taking it again once more...he’s only my second crush but still, it’s not a great feeling. Is it wrong that every time I smile because of him, I stop right away because I know...that the relationship that I want with him, won't happen?


It’s pathetic, that I wish to go back… to meet him sooner before all of his attention was already focused on another girl, so that maybe, just maybe if I would have met him earlier, that girl would have been me.

That so lucky, she has no idea. A big part of me, hopes she likes him back just for the sake of his happiness.

Our personalities match so well...we have so much in common. Don’t you see? We match so well.

It isn't everyday that I meet someone that makes me smile at the small words that they say. It isn't everyday that I meet someone where i’d like to do things, that I wouldn't want to do with anyone else. It isn't everyday that I meet someone, where i’d like to have a special relationship that no one can take away from us. Yeah I know, cheesy, but you know what? That is how I truly feel.

I look back to the day we first met, I didn't feel a connection then. But it grew, and it hasn't stopped, its still growing. This isn't a good thing, because like I said, to him, I am not the girl for him.

You may not notice, but as a whole.. Your alluring charm has brought to me the feeling that runs through me with electricity, that I haven't felt in so long. The only thing I ask of you, is that if you realize you have the same feelings that I do for you, is that you find out in time before I lose that adrenaline that I have for you now.

You know when people ask me why i have these feelings for you..what do I see in you? Truthfully, I’m unsure what to even say. The first thing that pops up into my mind, is just you. I don’t know. I just like everything. His personality, it’s’s’s everything. I love everything about his personality.

I like you, so much, god, it feels so weird to say. I don’t regret liking you, I just have a desire for more. Maybe more than I deserve. It’s difficult to be your friend when I know I want to be more than just friends with you, but that’s okay. Like they say, it’s better to have little than nothing. It’s better to lose in the end, than to have never experience nothing at all.

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peachireu said...
today at 6:20 am
hey guys if you liked this piece please check out the video version I did of this !! Look up,"how it feels to like you" and the channel is 'peachireu' . OR you could copy and paste the link !!
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