Despair, Athiesism & Hope

December 27, 2017
By Akaansh BRONZE, Fbd , Other
Akaansh BRONZE, Fbd , Other
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What is despair? Well, it's just the complete absence of hope. But its more than that, Imagine you are stuck in a tunnel, a tunnel without any light except a very dim light at the end of the tunnel. This light is your only way out of the tunnel. here the light represents hope and the tunnel represents all your sadness, depression and anxiety and the relation between the tunnel and the light represents a person who has never fallen into despair. But for a person who has fallen into despair, there is no light in the tunnel.

Well, I'm a person who has fallen into despair and crawled out, not everyone can do that. But it's not all bad. All this despair has given me a higher point of view. There are people who believe the world is a good place but despair has given me a higher perspective of the world, a more honest perspective. It tells me that there is suffering and mainly suffering in this world this is the harsh truth that nobody wants to accept yet I find people who live in their own illusions, It's almost pitiful how people try to make illusions and try live in them but still are unable to do so. If it's true that words are weapons then I must be a weapon of mass destruction, because all this honesty can shatter the souls of the people.

These illusions that people create are now controlling our world. Love and god. People these days think affection can help them to get out of this endless cycle of sadness. They think someone will care about them, someone will love them, it's all fake just like a mirage. It's you and only you in the end because everyone cares about themselves, there a very few who actually cares about others more than themselves.

Religion, It's very funny that the all mighty humans bow to something that doesn't even exists, a god. I think the concept of god was introduced in this world to decrease the suffering, but the concept of god itself is the major reason why there is suffering in the world. The concept of god divided itself into a never-ending practice of discrimination called religion which got subdivided into more and more religions which caused more discrimination which caused war and which increased the suffering itself. The concept of god was a beautiful illusion which might actually have decreased suffering but the one who introduced this concept that the might human race is not that mighty and high. The concept told us that god created human but what I see is that humans destroyed god. It's ironic. What's even more ironic is that people still believe in god, they think its an actual thing. They are all stupid. The only god in this world is human who creates and destroy on daily bases. If someone tries to fix this broken place, the broken place destroys that person and all his efforts.

I've found a better way of living which is not perfect but keeps me alive, a way which helps me to fix this place and the people in it.  I've created an illusion which doesn't let the sadness and suffering to escape. I live in this illusion and let the illusion itself take my place to spread happiness,  to help others, to spread hope. Time may destroy me but I won't let it destroy my efforts.

And if someone is actually reading this I'd like to tell you that if you are not making someone else's life better, you are simply wasting your time.

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