How I Broke My Arm

December 22, 2017
By Giaaa BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
Giaaa BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
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It was a typical day in the life of a seven year old and as usual, I was playing with my dolls. I was not amused and I was very lonely at home. My mom was boring me by working on her computer all day. I wanted some adventure, but obviously, I couldn’t go anywhere. In my mind, I thought about what I could do for fun. What would give me the adventure I wanted. I thought about it for a while and even asked my mom. I got nothing. I decided to continue playing with my dolls. I was having fun, but I wanted something better.  Sitting there playing,I was watching my  princess clock carefully tick in my room.


One thing I loved to do was pretend Barbie had to leave her family to go to a place like New York. She could only bring one person so she chose her best friend Jasmine. Well, as I was playing, I thought, “What would it be like if they had to skydive out of their plane?” My mind was racing on how to make the dolls skydive realistically.


I ran to the kitchen which was right next to the living room where my mom was peacefully working. I pulled a shiny leather chair out from the kitchen table and turned it around. Holding the back of the chair, I climbed to the seat of the chair and brought my dolls with me. I was making them say a few words about how they were scared, or nervous. Suddenly, it was time for them to jump. I cared a lot about my dolls so I was not just going to throw them off of the chair! I was going to jump with them.


I figured that nothing could go wrong because i was standing on a soft leather chair with carpet just below my feet. I jumped off that chair feeling like a bird drifting through the wind having fun!


Then I felt my body hit the floor. My jaw begun to open with how amazed I was. I basically flew! I screamed to my mother asking if she saw what just happened. Just so I would leave her alone, she said “Ya sure.” I knew that she didn’t see my fly like Superman. I copped an attitude and told her to watch me because I was preparing to do it again. My mom turned her head in my direction and saw me on the platform of the chair. “Ready?” I asked my mom replied with “Go ahead.”

I felt my face stretch with a smile as I jumped for the second time. But, While I was in the air my mother's eyes focused more on her laptop than me. She continued her work as I came to a land. However, when i first jumped off the chair it slid underneath me which caused me to lose balance and placement of where I was going to land. So I fell. And I thought it was amazing how i could go from so happy and free to so much fear and pain.

I tried to help myself not fall on my face and knock a tooth out because that was my biggest fear when i was little. As a result, i put my arms out. But that did absolutely nothing except cause me so much pain and sorrow. I shortly found myself laying in the floor drowned in tears while knowing something was wrong. “Stop joking you are okay.” my mom originally said. But the the corner of her eye caught a glimpse of my arm. She didn't know what to do! But the first thing that came to her mind was call 911 then call my dad. So, she did just that. My mom and i were uncontrollably crying about what had happened to me. My dad and an ambulance shortly came to my house. The first responders pulled out a yellow and grey gurney and carefully placed me weak body on it. They briefly asked my mother what happened and she explained while holding back tears. The lady on the ambulance gave me some pain reliever and i quickly got rushed to the hospital. The pain reliever made me very sleepy and i realized my eyes were falling. Falling until they came to a close and i was in a deep sleep. I remember feeling the ambulance come to a short stop at the hospital and my mom waking me up gently. From my sleep i thought that all this was a dream. That type of scary nightmare you would run to your parents room for because you were scared. But, unfortunately, this was reality.

My mind was a blur but i remember going into a room. A dark scary room. The nurse let my dad come into the room with me which was good. H did help me; but this task was hard. I had to place my arm up on a high beam type thing and have them scan it for broken bones. It really hurt me to even move my arm a little bit let alone place it straight on a high scale! I started crying because the pain got the best of me. It was taking a lot of time for me to gain enough courage to put my arm up there but i knew i had to do it. But,because it was taking time, the nurse was getting moderately rude.

“If you don't put your arm up here soon, then daddy’s going to go bye bye!” The nurse exclaimed in a rude manner. My dad told her that i was going to do it and he was not going to leave. My dad lightly grabbed my arm and guided it up to the beam scanner. “Owe!” I said feeling pain. Shortly my arm was finally on the scale and they started to scan it. The nurse got what she needed and was going to look at the Xrays to see if i definitely broke my arm. I quickly put my arm down and my dad carried me out. As my parents and i waited, the nurse swiftly came back with the results.

The nurse showed my family the X Ray and explained that i broke 2 bones. My ulna and my radius. This was not good to hear. I had to get a big cast all around my arm and i also got a sleeve to wear to hold the arm in place. The doctors said that i had to make many visits to the hospital to make sure i was doing that i was supposed to and i was healing correctly. Slowly but surely we finally were out of the hospital. I was sad that i broke my arm; but i was happy i wasn't in a lot of pain anymore. I was nervous that i wouldn't be able to write or go on with school. I also was thinking that i would not be able to hang out with friends or do fun things with my family.

Luckily, i was able to go on with my life and everyone was very kind about the occasion. I am totally fine now, but because of this, i have and still now have a fear of falling in tumbling. I am very cautious with what i do because i realized that i am very accident prone.     

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I broke my arm when I was 7 years old from playing with dolls!

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