The Fortnite Match

December 19, 2017
By IDC1233123 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
IDC1233123 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Last night I was playing a game called ¨Fortnite¨ with some friends. It´s a third person shooter and you roam around and collect resources and weapons and try to be the last alive. In the beginning it was pretty tough because our team mate ¨MerchantLemon¨ made the wrong call of where we should go. We had little resources and the enemies by us had plenty of resources to finish us off but we took what we had and killed them. After that things went pretty smooth, we continued collecting better weapons and more resources as we made our way to the circle to stay out of the storm, which if you were in the storm you would slowly die. We were within the last 50 alive and the circle was a little too small for 50 people to be in so there were enemies crawling everywhere.

We were always ducking and diving into to buildings and bushes to avoid confrontation with the enemies to make it easier to survive. If the enemies ever got to close we would kill them and continue to stay in the circle. As the game went on we started to run out of resources and started becoming worried that we wouldn't be able to build anything to keep us safe. We were pushing the top 30 alive and we were collecting resources(wood, metal, brick) while trying to stay alive and stay indiscreet. We were moving in on the location of the next circle when we saw some enemies building a fortress, I started shooting down the fortress but my teammate ¨Mr._Mrs._Anderson¨ told me stop wasting ammo and not to shoot because it was giving away our location. We built stairs going away from the enemies so we could avoid them. As we were climbing up the stairs the enemies started to return fire so we ran away and built a wall so we would be protected.

We were continuing to collect resources and surviving in the virtual world of Fortnite when we came across a team in a tower they built sniping us. We built walls trying to avoid them from killing us. But they started shooting rocket at us and almost killed us so we had to run away. We had got away from the enemies and we were down to 10th place, but we were running low on ammo and resources so we started taking smart shots and we started collecting more resources so we could build walls if we needed to. We got all the resources that we needed, but after all the hard work we eventually got killed and we lost.

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on Jan. 16 2018 at 3:17 pm
MasiTeenink BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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I've played Fortnite too a really well made game and it is true to winning games with low resources are hard so next time farm a lot of resources before coming to the end of the battle well explained.

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