The Bounce House

December 18, 2017
By Anonymous

Has there ever been a time in your life where you reflected on a certain point and time in the past where you might have messed up; and thought to yourself, “What was I thinking?”, but then you realize that at that exact moment and time you acquired an important piece of knowledge the hard way, but also managed to laugh it off. There have been numerous times in my life where this has happened. However, I will keep this story interesting by providing a quite humorous example, while still teaching something somewhat important. Shall I begin my story?

I arose from a deep sleep to a vacuum screeching its hideous cry throughout my room. My mom happend to be vacuuming at 9 on a Saturday; how nice, no need for an alarm clock I guess.
“Jason get up it's already 10 o’clock, you sleep too much!”, my mom yelled over the vacuum.
“But it's only 9!”, I replied.
“It doesn’t matter.” my mom shot back.

After realizing that I didn’t feel like arguing for half of my morning I walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I first drenched my face with freezing water to fully wake myself up. Following my morning procedure, I watched tv until my mom ordered my sister and I to get into the car to purchase last minute gifts for the party we were going to. I went outside into the scorching sun wearing a black shirt. That may seem like the mistake I made that day, but I assure that is not the one I intended to discuss. I hopped into the gray Honda Odyssey where the belt buckled tried to brand my arm due to how blazing it was. I quickly rolled down the dusty window to let in some air. My mom got into the car, stuck the key in the ignition, and started it. The car shuttered on. We began on our way to walgreens.

Since the beginning of my day wasn’t too eventful and has very little to do with the story, I will skip 7 hours into the evening. WARP! BOOM! Now it is 5 o’clock the time the party starts. Sit back and enjoy the rest of the story, I am sure you will.

I arrived to blaring music and a decaying shelter. The grass was green and moist since it had drizzled a bit. I greeted all of my relatives and helped myself to some tacos. I poured a ton of salsa on the sizzling asada. My first bite sent salsa drip from my taco onto my plate. They were scrumptious. After I had finished eating my cousin Ray had gotten there. He was tall, skinny, and didn’t have features that you could identify him for being Mexican. First of all, he had light blue eyes and light skin. My cousin Alex and Osvaldo had also gotten there. Alex was tall, very thin, also had a lighter skin tone, but he had eyes darker than a maple tree’s bark. Osvaldo was short, pudgy, and had darker skin, brown eyes, and hair that was out of control.

At this party there were plenty of activities to partake in. The main one was to play soccer, but the ones we ended up doing was fighting in a bounce house and on a giant inflatable slide.
“Hey we should go into the bounce house.”, Alex proposed.
“Dude thats for little kids.”, Osvaldo mocked.
“Nah, I bet I could beat you both up in there.” Ray remarked.
“No you can’t, you’re too weak!”, Alex alleged.
“Try me.”, Ray suggested.

After they finished arguing we slipped into the bounce house, but it felt more like a sauna. The first thing Alex did was shove Ray which knocked him into a little kid. The kid responded by crying and resulted in them getting kicked out of the bounce house. The next best thing was the giant slide. We climbed up onto it and for a while just used our phones. Little did we know, the slide wasn’t bolted into the ground properly. This would later play into the story.

Ray decided to get back at Alex by tackling him into the wall at the top of the slide. The whole slide responded by shaking violently to the slide and collapsing like a falling tree. Screeches from little kids were heard as well as drunken gasps. The slide was not bolted into the ground very well, so we weren’t blamed for making the slide fall.
“You idiots! You made the slide fall.” Osvaldo screamed at Ray and Alex.
“It wasn’t our fault!” Ray whined.

Looking back at this incident it was actually pretty funny to think of how the slide looked falling while hearing my cousin’s pubescent screams. It was on this day that I learned, never trust your uncles to set up anything inflatable. I learned that and don’t be an idiot and knock your cousin into a slide. We all fell pretty hard. I even lost my breath as soon as my body collided with ground. No one really cared about us too much in the end. That day was a pretty fun, and educational day.

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