What is Closure?

December 17, 2017
By Anonymous

It gets better. 

There was a time in my life where I thought I was at my happiest. Maybe I was, but only time will tell. I had two best friends, and a boyfriend of 6 years! Junior year begun, and it started out as nothing anyone had said. I refused to let it be what everyone said, I wanted to come out of Junior year saying it was the best. But, sadly, it was the absolute worst. I suffered from depression, and told my two best-friends and boyfriend. They didn't help. My mom lost her job, I picked up two jobs to help out. I had to have my skin melanoma removed, resulting in a year without Lacrosse. My Mom and I weren't getting along. Junior Prom rolled around and my friends wanted a Prom Bus! I couldn't afford to pay for it with everything going on. This made one of my friends angry, because I couldn't go. We got into a fight that ended our friendship. She became a bully to me, and my other friend did nothing. My other friend basically dissappeared. My depression got increasingly worse. My boyfriend and I broke-up because I couldn't handle the responsibility and I needed to take care of myself. I stupidly thought we were going to get back together after I recovered. But no. He became best friends with my ex-bestfriends. Life went on without me. He bullied me, and I managed to leave school early crying everyday for the month of April and May. My ex boyfriend told people I cheated on him... the people who were closest to me, hurt me. The people who knew what I was going through, and confided in, left me with it all. I was alone. I sat by myself most days at lunch. I had dirty looks thrown at me, from people I did nothing wrong to. I lost everything I knew. I was hospitalized in the summer of 2017. I joined an Outpatient group, which took up most of my time. It was three-days a week, and basically taught me how to control my thoughts and how to cope in a healthy way. I graduated November 30th, 2017. It was 4 months of determination to get healthy. I am alive today, because I kept telling myself that this isn't my life forever. I kept reminding myself that it HAS TO get better than this. I always had my family on my mind, and I never want to let them down. My ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend are now dating. I see them 5 days a week at school together. Of course it hurts. But, they are just a part of my story. They were a huge part of my life. I can thank them for all the smiles and laughs, and teaching me how to be stable on my own. Thank you for making me the strong person I am today. My closure is knowing that they will never be able to understand the pain they enflicted. My closure is moving on, and knowing that I am a better human being and karma exists.

The author's comments:

I wrote this not to let people feel bad for me, but to learn from this. This was written to help those who feel alone, because you aren't. This is your life right now, but NOT forever. It gets better, but you have to give it time to get better. Be a good friend. Be a good person. Know your rights from your wrongs. Always remember that everyone has feelings and everyone has something they are dealing with or going through. Be the person that they remember positive things for.

Why be mean? What is the point? 


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