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December 1, 2017
By BlakeTheMistake BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
BlakeTheMistake BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
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This piece of writing came to be when we made our who I am, to who I want to be maps. I zeroed in on the idea of to find out how I am. I then expanded on it and how we as humans can never really figure out who we are. I want the reader to think about who they are and, exactly how much they know about who they are. I want them to realize how little they know, even though we think we know so much. I've used different explanations of how we discover ourselves and used that to show how we always are learning more about who we are and who we want to be. I think next I may want to expand on different ways we can discover ourselves and use them to show how others may not know themselves. I could use some feedback on the way I address the reader directly. And some feedback on new ways to discover oneself. I used the First Pen mentor text to help me write this piece, I used its design, and how it describes stories and past, when telling about myself and the things I do.

I've used the comments from my peers to revise and add and change parts of my draft. This has helped me with my writing goal with learning how to expand my writing and continue writing after a first draft. I did not make any new changes based on my mentor text although I did use it in the making of the draft it was not used in the revision. I also used the comments to make additions to the main body of my writing, and go more in depth in how I have made discoveries and how I expanded my current knowledge. But I did not go fully in depth with that, and instead responded to the comments on how I do not yet feel completely comfortable in completely exploring that yet. But I added that I may go in depth with that in a later draft.


Who Are We, Really?
The thing about people is that we want to figure out everything about everything. It's the reason we have science, and math, history, and everything we have ever done is in the search of knowledge, whether is was intentional or not. It always is, you always learn something new, even if it's small. One of the main things people spend their life trying to learn is who we are as a person, learning the things we like, what we don't, who we like, and generally trying to figure out ourselves before time runs out. Even though every human that ever lived has tried to figure it out, almost no one ever has.

That is why on my map, I put on the stop, Figure out who I am. I know that I will never actually finish that goal, but I can work towards it and try to learn as much about myself as I can. And I have actually made great bounds towards that goal in the past year or so, trying to figure out who I am and what I like and who I want to be. I do hope that I will continue to work towards this goal as I grow and age. But I have, ,until a while ago, not knew a lot about myself and who I was and wanted to be. I didn't know what kind of people I like, or what I liked to do. But over the past year I’ve had new discoveries into knowing the type of people I like to hang with, the type of person I want to be, and who I like, in a more, romantic light. Likewise, I have discovered new ways to dress and that I used to dress myself like a hobo, like seriously, what was I thinking?! Neon Orange AND neon green?! I was a buffoon. But also over this past year I have made new friends that have helped me figure out who I am, including my gender, personality, and other things that help shape me, as well as me helping them figure out who they are. I have also changed and learned who I am over time, growing into the person I am, shaped by the people I have dated and my new, and old friends. As well as how I deal with stress, and other feelings like those. As those have been increased by the stresses of high school, and I have found that a very good coping mechanism, if anyone is looking for one, is to chug caffeine, my favorite method is a quad-shot vanilla latte from cafe sole. Just for reference, if you're looking.

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This was writen for my LA class, thats it

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