6 Things You Should Know About Being A Pet Owner

November 22, 2017
By Anonymous

1) Routines Own Us

Having animals of any kind means your schedule now revolves around them. Unlike humans, animals held in captivity rely solely on the owner for simple things like being fed or taken for walks. To make sure that your pet is fully taken care of, creating routines will benefit both parties.

2) Don’t Always Assume
Considering all animals, even the most behaved ones will lash out if pushed, it is important to know all of the possible reasons. There are many factors that can affect an animal's behaviour like territorial, trust, anger, etc. Therefore, it is best if the owner never assumes the reasoning behind the change in their animal.

3) Love Matters
Any living thing thrives off of affection and love so why assume differently for animals? When it comes to animals, they tend to listen and behave better if they know they are loved deeply.

4) Trust is Everything
A relationship between an owner and its pet revolves around trust. Trust can be the beginning or the end of that bond. Finally, without trust, you just have a feral animal locked in your house waiting to attack.

5) Cages are Not Always Good
Depending on the background of an animal and just simply the animal itself, cages may do more harm than good.In some cases, cages can be a safe haven where they feel comfortable enough to rest while others become violent and feel unprotected. Make sure you know your pet because no animal deserves to be locked up.

6) Stress is Never Good

When one owns a pet they should do their absolute best to stay calm when around their animal and keep their animal happy no matter what. Sure stress is annoying to humans, but it happens to be highly dangerous to animals and in some cases can even cause death. Also, stress will affect things like behaviour and appetite which is never good nor healthy for any animal.

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