The Best of Friends

November 29, 2017
By Anonymous

Trustworthy friends are rare, extremely rare given the society today. That's why I feel extremely lucky to be blessed by seven trustworthy friends. I've known these people since middle school, and one of them since the second grade. The one I've known since second grade is Joseph. Now since there are two Joseph's, I'll refer to him as Joseph two since of the second grade. He's taller than me by a bit, and is the most official guy you'd meet, even being voted most likely to be future president in middle school. He's tougher than most, plays baseball, acts, and still manages to do all his school work. He's gone through so many experiences and is really straightforward, which is probably why I trust him so much, besides knowing him since the second grade grade.

On to everyone I've met in middle school, the years being crazy this'll be a blur. Raul is a chill guy, and gets along well with most people he knows. He's a strong people's person and that usually leads to a lot of regret. All in all however, with everything our group has gone through, it's hard not to trust him. Joseph, the one who isn't from the second grade, we'll call him Joseph W, as in Won't Let You Sleep When He Spends The Night At Your House Because He Wacks You With Pillows. He and I have some crazy stories, starting at school, at my house, or at his. He is the realest person I know, always keeping it 100% real when it comes to how he feels. He won't lie if you're making him mad. I trust him more than most because he feels like a brother with all we've been through. From making YouTube videos, to smashing face into an MRE he really is a funny guy and on different circumstances, I think we'd both hate each other, but that's the best friendship. Where you throw away hatred and become really good friends.

I met these few friends all together, so I think this is appropriate. Philip is a short, hyper, high pitch voice demon who became my friend when we yelled about video games! His cooking skills are beyond anyone's dreams, and his random thoughts can make anyone laugh. The therapeutic vibe he gives off makes everyone calm, which draws me to trust him. Alex is a unique person, and a very funny and understanding person. So funny in fact that they have a YouTube channel, which all our friends enjoy! They better enjoy it at least. Met in science, and came up strong, understanding is really what strengthens our friendship.

Maya and Mark are so involved it would be crazy not to dedicate one section to them. By involved, I mean thirdwheeling on one side! Maya is a short, short person I met around the same time as Mark and Joseph W. May
a is a brilliant person, and worked with Philip and I to write a Halloween story for an English class. It dates back to the sixth grade, and I swear every guy in our group had a crush on her one time or another! She is calm, mostly, and is a headstrong person. When in need she was there, so trusting her is a given.

Mark is the most innocent and athletic person I know. A Disney lover at heart, and a true believer in happy endings, he is a star among students. His workload is high, and the difficulty higher. He can smile through it though. He has trusted me with a lot, so I returned the feeling, because that's what friends do.

Writing about these people really calm me down. Talking to them easily puts a smile on my face. These people are my second family, people I can trust as much as my family. I described all these experiences differently, but if you all are reading this, you're all the same to me! Nobody has a leg up on friendship! Besides that, knowing most of you since middle school, and one from the second grade, I am extremely blessed to know you all.

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