My Experience as Hester

November 28, 2017
By catmcclure BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
catmcclure BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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A virtue is defined as an honorable trait or characteristic. One of the virtues that I possess is passion or the act of being passionate. This is a virtue because it allows me to care for others and deeply sympathize with them. Being passionate is an aspect that brings out the best in my every-day relationships, for it makes them stronger. For example, swimming is something that I am passionate about, and that passion motivates me to improve and impress myself in the sport. Another example is my school work. If I am passionate about my grades, I will work hard every day to get my homework done and understand the material. All of these views and ideas express the meaning and effects of passion.

One of my main vices, or characteristics that are considered poor or unpleasant, is that I am a perfectionist. Whether it is in my school work, relationships, extracurricular activities, or any other aspect of my life, I always do my best to overachieve. This is a vice because it adds stress to my life and I find myself having much more anxiety over little details than I should be having. For example, in the process of making my “scarlet letter,” I worked extremely hard to make it detailed and precise; however, my dog tried to eat it and messed it up, slightly. Because of this, I decided to do it all over again and take a different approach. Because I am such a perfectionist, the minor mistake my dog caused to my letter brought me to redo the whole project. My virtue and vice are related because when I am passionate about something, my being a perfectionist comes through and I go out of my way to make it perfect. These examples express how being a perfectionist is a vice, and how the vice affects me as a person.

Wearing my “scarlet letter” to school helped me to understand what it was like to be in Hester’s shoes and have a deeper understanding of what she went through in The Scarlet Letter. My experience, though not nearly as harsh as Hester’s, was inspiring. I realized how unusual it feels to explain to others my vices and impurities. I do not often have people ask me what my good and bad traits are, and it allowed me to examine myself as a person. It helped me to understand what characteristics I possess and whether or not I am grateful that I have them. The most common reaction I received was when people asked how being a perfectionist is a vice. My answer to them was that it is not an honorable trait, for it causes me to overstress on small details. All of these thoughts conclude my experience wearing the letter to school.

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