The Dream World

November 28, 2017
By Anonymous

I never really believed anyone when they said Bonnaroo is like a different world that radiates positivity and changes your views on life until I experienced it myself. Today is the first day of this three-day camping music festival, and I have so many emotions running through me. I am excited, nervous, and anxious. As I am sitting in my tent, I start having doubts about this whole trip. I spent a whole year saving all of my hard-earned money to be able to pay for the experience. What If the festival is not what I expect it to be? I do not want to be disappointed; I missed out on so much throughout the school year just to be able to afford my tickets and camping gear. Once these doubts start creeping into my head, more and more doubts start kicking in. I start wondering if I will make any friends, and if I can really survive camping for this long because I have never camped before. I start regretting my decision and hoping my doubts do not come true. When the sun finally rises, I begin to hear all of the bands practicing on stage in the distance as my best friend and I are getting out of our blazing hot tent. The neighboring tents consist of people from all over the country who, just like me, are here for the amazing artists and the once-in-a-lifetime experience. As soon as I am out of my tent, I take in the view: the colorful flags everywhere, people laughing and dancing, and strangers talking to each other like they have been knowing one another their whole life. This view is definitely not what I was thinking about earlier. The view makes the weight on my heart feel a little less heavy, and my doubts start to drift away. I begin to feel as if I am in a dream, and I can just feel the energy radiating. I become so excited I forget that there is no Wi-Fi, and that I will not be able to shower for days. I get dressed and ready as quickly as I can, so that I can join in on the fun. As soon as my friend and I are ready, we start meeting all of our neighbors. All around us are groups of friends from Kentucky, Florida, Colorado, and California. I am so mesmerized by all of these people, and the fact that they drove all the way to Manchester, Tennessee for this festival. I start to realize that I might actually have a great time meeting and conversing with my neighbors for the next three days. After everyone meets one another, we all decide to begin heading to the festival. Not only are the people being amazing, but the weather is amazing as well. The weather is perfect, and not as hot and dreadful as I expected it to be. I can feel the slight breeze hit me as we walk on the dusty road towards the festival. As we are walking, I start to notice large, orange fences that people are painting their thoughts and opinions on. I begin to feel like I have been living in a bubble because I have never seen such a huge music festival that is made just for people to express their thoughts and opinions. I am always surrounded by people from the same place, and usually with the same outlook on life and religion. Being at this festival, talking to so many people with different stories, and reading people’s different thoughts is an eye opener. As we are walking closer and closer to the entrance, I can see everyone’s smiles and happy faces, which I am definitely not used to. I am usually greeted by the “I do not want to be here” type of faces at school and at work. I can also hear people screaming all around me saying, “Happy Bonnaroo!” Everyone is talking to everyone; The festival is like a whole different world. High fives are being thrown literally every second. Now that I see this going on, I feel a chain reaction and began to feel happy as well. I am surrounded by all of these nice people, and the happiness is radiating all around. The feeling I have is so enchanting and unexplainable. All of my fear and nervousness is vanished completely. Right then and there I realize what people say about Bonnaroo being a different world is true, and that all of my money is definitely worth spending on this festival.

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