My Amazing Experience at Neyland Stadium

November 27, 2017
By rhc625 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
rhc625 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Tennessee’s season was on the line when they had to win once more to make their first bowl game--college football’s version of the playoffs--in a couple of years. The win needed to happen against one of their arch-rivals South Carolina (or USC). USC also needed one more win to make it to a bowl game. These two teams were about to battle it out like they were fighting for their lives.

The big game was held at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee. Neyland Stadium was one of the largest stadiums in the U.S. being able to hold almost 103,000 people!  Orange and white decorated in the crowd like someone had taken a massive paint brush, dipped it in orange and white paint, and splattered the two colors all over the fans. The stadium was filled to the brim with ecstatic fans cheering, dancing, and some supporters even trashed talked players and fans of the opposing team. It was a madhouse!

Tennessee looked like they might easily win at first but USC slowly pulled it back and made the game extremely interesting.                          

At the very end Tennessee was winning by three points with about two minutes left in the game. USC had gotten the ball to around Tennessee’s 45 yard line. The next play USC’s quarterback threw a perfect pass to the tight end like he was threading a needle. USC would’ve had the ball only a couple yards away from a touchdown. Boom!  Before the play had ended Tennessee’s linebacker hit the tight end so hard that he fumbled the ball. Tennessee recovered the ball and won the game. Their linebacker secured the win for Tennessee and all the Tennessee fans-- especially me-- were so excited!

After the game, my grandpa said,”I bet you’ll never forget that experience.”

I laughed and answered back, saying,” I doubt I’ll forget it because that was incredible!”

The author's comments:

Tennesse is one of my favorite football teams. It was so awesome to go to one of their games and to be in an enviroment like the one at that stadium was incredible!

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