The Mischievous Dog

November 27, 2017
By StoneBlue SILVER, Portland , Oregon
StoneBlue SILVER, Portland , Oregon
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Once upon a time there was a very friendly family. They wanted a dog really badly, but they didn’t know what kind of dog they wanted. So they took an online quiz to figure out what kind of dog would be right for the family.


The quiz asked several different questions. Do you want an active dog? Do you want a sweet dog? Do you want a calm dog? When they finished the quiz they had two options a king charles spaniel  or a Bernese Mountain Dog.They went with a Bernese Mountain Dog.  They asked their friends if they had any idea where there might be a good breeder for a dog. Their friends said that there was a really good breeder in Selah,Washington.So they went to them and lucky for them they just had a eight week old litter of puppies.  The kids really wanted to go that day but they had to call the breeder and ask if they could have a dog they said that they could have a free dog if they were willing to let them still breed the dog and her name was Seadra. They set up a time to go and it was tomorrow the kids could not go to sleep until it was midnight they were so tired the next day they fell asleep in the car but when they were awake they were watching Toy Story. When they got their they met them while they were showing Seadra. The kids were so excited they got to hold the puppies while Seadra was being showed by Fred.  So when they were done showing Seadra they took her home. The mom said “Yes please Bella is moping around.” So the next day they got Lilly and then Bella was back to normal. The breeders said that she is very mischievous and they might need to train her. So the family tried to train her but it didn’t work so they asked their friends if they had a good trainer their friends said that they should try to go to petsmart they have a good trainer their.So they went to petsmart and they tried to do that but it did not work that much they did that for six months. So they asked the trainer at the petsmart said that they should go to a specialist. So they recommended a good one and it was in Portland,Oregon. Then after a  six more months the specialist said that they should just give her back. The family said NO WAY! But the one bad thing was that the specialist quit the job.Then they had to call the breeder and they said that they should bring her to them and they would help her.


After a year they were so pleased that they helped them that they would take a dog whenever they needed to. But the good thing is that they can now relax for awhile especially since it took them two years to be able to finally train her and get her to be a good dog.Their house was no longer hectic it was just peaceful or so they thought.The next week they found out that Lilly was just eating the food out of the trash can  at night the reason they didn’t know was because Lilly was eating everything that she took out of the trash can. They found out by the way that she was not feeling that well so they took her to the vet and they took an X-Ray of her intestines and they found a lot of trash in them and they had to perform surgeries to get it all out of her system.When they got back from the vet’s they had to have her rest so they had her sleep on the rug in their living room. Lilly wanted to get up but she was so woozie that she could no longer get up they had to make sure that she was all right.So they put a ghost pepper on the counter in the peanut butter and Kasey didn’t know that so when she got up she found both Lilly and Bella curled up on the rug.She ran to her parents bedroom and told her parents what they were doing.

Mom came out and she said that “she ate it.”
“Ate what?” asked Kasey
“The ghost pepper that we put in the peanut butter.”

Then once she got into the peanut butter she ate the ghost pepper and she never counter surfed again.They never ever had any problems with her counter surfing again. Then they found out that she is not trained that well either. They have to train her or she will become unruly.They asked their breeder what they should do and she said to use the clicker, which was what they use to quickly reward the dog then they would give her the treat.They did that for a few years then she was starting to get better so they stopped using the clicker and it worked, or so they thought.She kept just doing it with the clicker and she was not really that good at the clicker she would just wait until she saw the treat in Kasey’s hand.She was not well trained when Kasey was training her  she let her get away with everything.  She was basically doing the opposite of training her she was training her to ignore what they were teaching her when she said sit she was crouching and not sitting.When she said to lie down she would just crawl on the ground. The worst was when she said off she just would lick them instead.So when people were allergic to dogs she would give them a kiss on the face and made them get an allergic reaction so they would have to the hospital.They decided that they should take her to the professionals again so 2 weeks later they were seeing if they did much when they got her home they found out that she was worse than before they dropped her off at the office.They went to the breeder and said “ We have tried everything so please help us out!”The next week when they got her back from the breeders she was the perfect little angel.So remember you need a lot of patients in life.

The author's comments:

It is based on my dog that died 3 years ago.

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on Feb. 12 at 1:12 pm
StoneBlue SILVER, Portland , Oregon
8 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of places, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

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