Losing the Person I Love

November 26, 2017
By BlazeCox BRONZE, Elizabeth City, North Carolina
BlazeCox BRONZE, Elizabeth City, North Carolina
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Love makes people go crazy, which isn't always a bad thing. Its made me learn a lot about myself and others. But I always ask myself how could anybody love me? I'm not exactly a perfect guy at all, I might be caring or sweet but most people take one look at me and don't take the time to get to know me. A few nights ago I came close to losing the one person that's care more than the littlest bit about me. I tried to make things better but I ended up getting really upset and made things worse. When this happened I told myself its okay fights happen, but not fights like this one. I try to respect what others want but at this time the person I loved and still love tried to leave me. I would have let her go but I couldn't. I mean for you to get a perspective she is the reason I am alive and happy today. She's been there for everything and in the past, we've been about to work things out why can't we now. I learned a lot that afternoon about love and about myself. In the end, I turned out to be right and she didn't actually want to leave me just her being upset made her want to do outrageous stuff. Loving someone is really hard because they become your life and in this case, that's what caused me to almost lose the person I love.  

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