November 3, 2017
By K L SILVER, Toronto, Other
K L SILVER, Toronto, Other
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Pressure. Its like walls splattered with expectations and stress slowly close in on you day by day. You sit in the middle of the room and can’t do anything to move. You just crouch and hope for it all to stop. To have a moment of peace where you can enjoy the life beyond the walls. To stop feeling the heavy weight that you lug around everywhere you go. You feel like you're yelling at the stop of your lungs, but never heard. Like all that matters is a number, a number that determines your future as they like to say. Since when did a number decide your future? Why is that even a fraction of what determines the way any one soul will live? I believe in working hard and doing what makes you happy and its incredibly unfortunate to say that that is not an option anymore. Numbers in the form of percentages, dollars, and GPA’s are what are going to get us to a stable career and then we might have a shot at happiness. I say might because how much can you really enjoy life after a 9 to 5 job you don’t like and waiting for the weekends like they’re a long-lost brother. I challenge you to name one person who prefers to live life waiting for two days of happiness. Why is that the rule for so many people? Why can’t we enjoy the other glorious five days that make up a week and that ultimately make up our lives? Imagine growing old and having memories of adventure and passion throughout your life instead of remembering those Saturdays that turned to dreadful Sunday evenings where you knew you had to go back to work the next day. I want to live differently, don’t you?

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