First Day of School; New Start

November 2, 2017
By Anonymous

I could hear my heartbeat in my ears.

I remember it like it was yesterday.


My alarm went off. I woke up early that morning feeling ready. I thought I was ready. I had my outfit picked out the night before, and had my bag already packed. It finally hit me that summer was over, because the last time I woke up this early was in June. But it was no longer June, it was August, and school was in session. It was going to be my second year of middle school, but in a different school. Wow. Today is the day. Summer flew by so fast, but I’ve been waiting for this day since I’ve moved, and I couldn’t wait much longer. Rushing down the stairs because my mom wanted to take a picture of me and my brothers,  I finally began to comprehend that today, is the day. The thought of not knowing how the next two years of my life will go, made me even more excited and nervous than I already was. ‘Can’t believe its already back to school’, I thought to myself as I walked outside to the car.

As my dad drove me to school, the warm weather outside made me realize just how fast vacation went by, and that technically its still summer.  Thinking to myself  ‘what am I nervous for’, made the car ride seem way longer than it really was. The thought of how many people I will meet, and how many new friends I will make, made me overwhelmed with excitement.  As we started to pull up to the school, my dad said, “Don’t be nervous. You’ll be fine.” We finally arrived. I opened the car door and let it swiftly close behind me. I followed the crowds of people walking into the school, students hugging and laughing. As I entered the tall red-brick building, I began to think of how big the school is, and that I will most likely get lost numerous times before memorizing it by heart. All of the students were welcomed by the administrators and teachers, and that put my mind at ease. I knew this one girl who was also new and my neighbor, and that made me realize that I wasn’t the only who is going to expereience the feeling of being in a new environment. Walking into the student-filled cafeteria, I scanned the room for her. When I found her, all of my nervessness went away, and now it was more excitment that I felt.  I noticed many others  trying to find their homeroom, just like I was. Going up a few flights of stairs, I found my homeroom.

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