A Trip to Lake Sunapee

November 13, 2017
By Tyler( BRONZE, Lowell, Massachusetts
Tyler( BRONZE, Lowell, Massachusetts
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Have you ever went somewhere and you were having so much fun you forgot anyone else was there? Maybe something about it being a great vacation?  When I was seven years old  when I went to  Lake Sunapee.  My grandmother had a house there.   The ride getting there was boring on the way to the beach.  It took forever get there because there was so much traffic on the highway. We went  during the summer vacation.We almost go into a car accident while we were on the highway. People were flying by on the fast lane. I think they were going about 80 miles per hour when the speed limit is only 70 miles per hour.  The person we almost got into a car accident with didn't have his blinkers on when he was trying to change lanes. My grandfather didn't see him and he said “ F***“ I was shocked after he said that to the driver of the other car, we all started laughing so loudly.  He wouldn't stop beeping his horn. My siblings wouldn't be quiet they were crying, talking, and  a movie was playing so they could watch it

Now, when we got there we all got out of the car and ran down the parking lot .  I went straight to the water and jumped in and started swimming. The water was so cold it was like a freezer. It felt like it was about -20 in the water. I almost got frozen while I was in  the water for only ten minutes. I could barely feel my legs when I got out of the water. The sand was so hot I felt like I got severe burns on my feet when I went towards my family. My brother went back into the water and he was so cold he couldn't move his whole bottom half of his body. I  tried to go back into the water,but there were so many crabs walking across the beach where the waves of water crash onto the sand. I almost got bitten by the crab while I was trying to go back in the water.
Next, me and my grandfather went on a boat that took us across the whole lake. Now, when we got to see some of the animals that are in the lake and we almost got flipped over by a huge wave came crashing at the boat that I was on. The boat was rocking from side to side for about five minutes and  I almost had my face in the water while the boat wouldn't stop rocking back and  forth. After we got off the boat I got seasick from the boat going from side to side for that long of a time just because of one huge wave that hit the boat and it got some water in the area that  the passengers sat while they were in the boat.

Finally, when my family said it was time to go home me and my siblings didn't want to leave because it was so much fun.and We couldn't come back for a whole year. It would take forever to get our things back into the back of the car because we took more stuff than what can fit in the back of the car. Also, we had to stop sometimes during the car ride home because every time we stopped someone had to use the bathroom or was crying so much they wouldn't stop until they got what they wanted. Also this was one of my favorite times that a family vacation and  I would like to go back sometime.

What I remembered during this vacation was that I had a blast when I was there and I didn't want to leave.When we had to leave I started to ball my eyes out when my grandma told me it was time to head back home.What I wished was that my grandfather was able to go on a boat with me but he couldn't because the boat was rocking back and forth.I decided that I would go back to the beach sometime soon because it was so much fun while I was there.What I did was I went swimming in the water,went on a boat, played in the sand with my brother and we both got very messy with the sand but the water kept on destroying our sandcastle because the waves were too strong for the sand.This is why I didn't want to leave the beach because I was having so much fun.

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