October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

All that I felt was the pain, the horrid feeling of rage filled my body. I felt guilty with every move I made, but the anger filled me. You would not surely call me insane. I knew what was about to happen would not end well. I remember running, dragging a kid who looked petrified. Soon I realized we were being chased, then I thought to myself why? Everything came back to me. Then within a fraction of a second,  the scariest events took place. Punches flew, fights bestowed, and most of all, the pain I felt with every move I made. Then I looked down to see people lying on the floor, motionless, and I hoped what I was thinking wasn’t true. I ran more, and more, never stopping, dragging a kid, who for some reason made me angry. Then when I was completely exhausted I stopped. Then when nothing could get worse, I felt punches flying across my body, and soon I was angry. My anger turned into rage, which turned into power, I then exploded. After this, I scanned my perimeter, to see bodies lying on the floor, again this made me sad. I looked at the boy, who now didn’t look very much alive. I hoped this all would never happen.

I walked into school like a boss, and like always, everyone was waving at me. The teachers smiled as I walked by, and girls whispered with every move I made. I was probably the luckiest kid you’d ever know. My friends, like always, asked me, “What’s today’s plan?” I had this special tradition you see, off a game known as "wars". We would play it every day through the entire school day. Of course, it wasn’t easy, and we would do the weirdest of things. So I thought to myself, let’s have some fun, and replied with pure joy, “ Guys, today we’re playing capture the flags, special edition!” They all reacted with enthusiasm and followed me to the restroom. I went to the restroom, with my friends talking excitedly. My handsome face reflected across the mirror, as I brushed my hair with my hand. Then before I could leave I saw a kid staring at me with pure evil. Before any other reactions could be made, he was gone.

You could say I was having the time of my life. It was the last day of school, a day in which every year is my favorite. Everyone was excited about the summer, and I was ready to get medals for my outstanding performance in the year. My friends and I had great fun playing the new capture the flag game with me and I couldn’t wait for more. The only thing that was bothering me was the kid, who looked beaten up, and the mysterious rumors going around the school. You could say I was happy to get out of here before that mad kid came after me. Before anything could start I saw the kid again, this time with his parents glancing around grimly. The kid smiled at me for some reason, then I smiled back saying, “What happened?” He looked away faster than the smile had appeared on his face, and then I wondered if I had done something wrong.

I soon found myself in an office with a lot of teachers. Their hollow eyes and absurd faces gleamed with malice. The room seemed to be caving in, and out the window was the sad sky, crying seemed to just make everything dimmer. They stared at me with intent and made me feel small, insecure. Then when nothing could get worse they asked me a question that deeply embarrassed and shocked me. A question which I could not even dream about answering. I just stood there, shocked and couldn’t get any words out of my mouth. But somehow I lightly, and shakily managed to say no. Then, right after my reply, I was dragged back in front of everyone. Now on my knees shivering with nervousness, they asked me again, “did you do it?” No, I replied, standing my ground. Blood pounded my brain, and I knew I was losing myself. But I knew either way if I lied or told the truth I would surely get expelled. I shivered at the thought of getting expelled. Not only would my family be disappointed, but so would I. But inside I asked myself, had I? Then the principal went on to explain my culprit behavior, and how I was the student no one else should never be. She embarrassed me more and more, and finally, I gave in. I was mad, out of control, and I knew I was not sane anymore. I managed to say yes, and when  I did and then burst out crying, letting out all those horrible, bottled up emotions. I just exploded like a nuclear bomb, never to ever know if I had truly done it or not. I ran away from that horrible place and didn’t stop until I was outside, crying with the rain. The world revolved around me, and I knew at this moment my life was over. I was caught in a spinning circle, never to be found again. I thought to myself, soon, will my time come, soon will it all end.

That day didn’t just mark the last day of school, but it marked the last day of me. I will never the be the person I used to be. I wonder every day, am I living a lie? Or am I truly a monster?

The author's comments:

My inspiration for those this story was the matter of unanswered questions. I wanted to write about how I never could answer this question, but I hoped I hadn't done something bad. I am young teen who doesn't really feel in place. I feel like I can do better, and more, but find myself in a situation of despair. Even though I am very talented, I get confused in the simplest of things. I enjoy being first, and winning things, but I know in my heart that I can't do everything. I hope people will understand from this story, that it is okay to open up, and be confused. Don't let go of things you believe in, always keep chasing your dreams.

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