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October 20, 2017
By nick.williams BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
nick.williams BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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On New Years eve it was a calm and relaxing day until night time around 10. I was playing NBA 2k13 and I was using my favorite team the Chicago Bulls with Derrick Rose online on my flat screen in my room. I was in my own world while i was playing with my fan in the back; I had my michigan state and chicago bulls wall sticker all over my wall in I was in a relaxed environment until my night got tragically ruined.   

I was beating this guy by 6 with a minute left in the 4th quarter and then…SMACK, SWOOSH. Before i even realized what happened he hit 3, 3’s and tied the game then he just took over with LeBron and beat me by 10 after that I was extremely mad. So I got aggravated  and I  threw my control against the room and jumped back on my bed. I didn't know I was close to the headboard and I hit the left side of my head on it. I started hollering and crying my mom came in the room and grabbed me she told me stay there and don’t move she went to go get me a ice pack because she thought maybe i would just have a bump on my head. 1 second later she then looked down and saw blood on her. While she was downstairs  I felt the back of my head and it was like wet and i knew something wasn't right; There was a gash in my head with blood running down.

I thought i was going to die so immediately I fell down and just passed out. My mom woke me up  I got rushed to the hospital and I waited… and waited and then they called  Nick…. But it wasn't me. I waited for 30 minutes and then they pulled me into a room and took my blood pressure and temperature and then asked me ‘’ What the problem today’’ like there wasnt  a cut in my head and blood gushing down my neck.

They didnt do anything at all except waste my time and I was in my head thinking I was going to die. They put a small piece of tape on it with a piece of  cotton to try and stop the blood. I  went back in the waiting room. I went back out for 30 minutes to half an hour. The doctor came out and brought me to another room where he told me at first they were going to put  staples in but since my hair was short they were  just going to put stitches in  stitches.He told me he was going to numb it so I wouldn't feel any pain and he grabbed this this giant needle  and he told me to turn my head and  not to look. I was kind of having an anxiety attack so they had to call  a nurse to  hold my hands. The whole time i was thinking what if my brain falls out because i didn't want the stitches. I calmed down a little so he could  put the stitches in since I was nervous and was so young he let me pick what color stitches I wanted. It took him like 3 minutes for the doctor to put them in. After it was all over one of the nurses gave me a Michigan State Cup from the gift shop to make me feel better. I never again jumped back on my bed without looking again.

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It was a school assigment 

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