A Day at the Beach Gone Wrong!

November 21, 2017
By ryan.king BRONZE, Savannah, New York
ryan.king BRONZE, Savannah, New York
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Everyone loves to go swimming in florida, it is a great place to go. The water is cool, yet not cold, and fish are everywhere you look, most of the time. Yet sometimes there are no fish.

One such time for me was when I went surfing with my friends Bill and Ethan, we love to surf. Bill is whiter than most people in Florida since he has only been here a few months, but he is getting there. He always loves to hang out with us though. Allot of the time he goes around town skate boarding or he is shooting hoops at the playground.

Ethan is a completely different story. He moved to my neighborhood when i was five. He lived two houses down, and we would have playdates all the time. Now days he spends his time playing video games or hanging out at parties.

Ethan and I both discovered surfing one day as we were swimming at the beach, we saw a lady doing flips on a huge wave off the coast. Alas our parents didn’t have money to give us lessons in surfing, so we worked together and saved just enough to buy our own boards. From then on we taught ourselves and when Bill joined us he already new how.

So it was a bright and hot day at the cove we have surfed at for ages, it is only about 200 meters wide but over 500 meters long and the water sparkles in there under the sun and it is refreshingly cool. The walls of the cove are jagged but otherwise there are few rocks to be found in the water. All around birds nest on the cliffs and schools of fish swim in the water.

We started out as we always did, paddling out and surfing the waves three or four times before a light snack. As we paddled and surfed out, there were fish everywhere with every color of the rainbow to show. As we went out after our snack, we noticed a lack of the colorful fish and besides a few words about it we kept on surfing.
At one point a huge wave came,  we all road it together for we always go for the huge waves. As we got closer to shore the water formed a tunnel formed over us. That's when I thought I saw a fin in the water next to my board, but after I blinked it was gone. I had no idea what to think about what i saw and was silent for a time unsure of what to do.  As we went out to surf another wave I thought about what i had saw that's when it clicked. There were no fish and it was as shark!

We were way out coming towards a wave now and I hollered  to my friends what i had saw and told them to ride the wave all the way to the shore. I was freaking out and telling them all I had seen from no fish to the huge shark fin. This got everyone moving and freaking out.

As the wave bore down on us, it was a monster! The biggest wave we had ever cruised on. Alas it was to good to be true for the shark came up behind me on the wave and bit my board! I screamed in fright and Bill took notice of me and the monster attached to my board. He was shocked for a moment and did not move. As it slowly started to tug me backwards into the wave I screamed out for help and Bill jumped into action, surfing up next to me and telling me to hop on quick. Just as I hopped onto Bills board my board got sucked into the wave.

That board had cost me all my allowance when i was young, I had surfed with it for years,  it was a sore blow to my heart and my piggy bank. Luckily we were only about 100 meters from the shore, but then the shark came back. It rammed head first into Ethan's board. Ethan was flung into the air and without a sound he was sucked through the wave to the other side.

Bill and I look at each other completely terrified for a moment, but together we get on top off the wave and go down the other side. What we saw was Ethan swimming madly for his board and the shark coming up behind him. With our momentum, from coming off the back of the wave, we flew towards the shark and rammed the shark's fin.

The shark turned aside trying to see what had hit it, this gave Ethan time to get on his board. The adrenaline was running in all of us now. We practically flew towards the shore in our state, with nothing but our hands to move us. No one spoke, we were to shocked to. 

As we all paddle hysterically for the shore a smaller wave and the shark drew near. Luckily the shark turned away as we paddled into shallow water and the wave bore us to shore. As we layed  there in shock completely exhausted we laughed. We laughed because we did not know what else to do. We had escaped death that day unscathed. Once the adrenaline was gone I notice my plain green board nearby with shark teeth stuck in it. We hobbled over on shaky legs to look upon it. Together we decided we should each take at least one tooth as a reminder of our survival.

As we head for home weary to the core, dragging our boards behind us, we all remember that we should always watch for the signs that all is not well in the water, for next time we might not be as lucky as before.

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