The Wonders of the Night Sky

November 20, 2017
By Blackco741 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Blackco741 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Being young, you don't understand everything. When growing up, you start to understand things better, such as how snow is formed or why geese fly in large groups during fall. But…no matter how old you get, unless you spend your life devoted to trying to understand, the stars up above and all of their wonder are hand to understand.

There are so many things you wish you could understand as a kid, such as why is that star bigger than others, or how come that one is red? One of the biggest things that fascinated my middle school when I was a kid was why (on very rare occasions) the moon turned red. I was told about this during a general science class. My classmates and I  were eager to see if this was the truth of an instructor or the fable of a fabricator.

I remember that night, my siblings and I snuck my mother's laptop and watched videos online to try and keep us up late enough to see this magic red moon. In the middle of an episode of Bones, when all of my other siblings fell asleep, I peeked outside the window and saw it: low in the sky guarding the entrance of our street like a loyal dog, a large red beast showed itself.

I was in such a state of shock. This event was real!

I quickly paused the video and scrambled to sit at the window. I think I stared at that moon for close to an hour before the red started to fade behind the black of my eyelids.

Even as I continue to grow, I still don't understand the night sky. When my parents leave their bonfire for the night, I sometimes sit by it and ly on my back, listening to the crackling and imagining I can feel the earth spin as the stars dance and sparkle. The thought that the light that is showing in my eyes is somehow farther away than I could travel in my lifetime is an amazing thought. Somehow, the night sky, full of the occasional plane and mostly darkness and light can inspire so much.

I will never fully understand the sky, but the universe outside of my own, with it's vast colors and natural shapes, confuses me enough to inspire me.

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Short essay focusing on my Sense of Wonder

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