My Memorable Memories

November 21, 2017
By Noah2002 BRONZE, Clyde, New York
Noah2002 BRONZE, Clyde, New York
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Memories are a huge part of a someone’s life. There are horrific memories and very exciting or joyful memories, for example a horrific memory would be losing a loved one and a joyful memory would be playing sports. If I woke up tomorrow with only eight memories, there are certainly a few I’d hope to keep over others. My most cherish memory is football. I would want to keep this memory for forever because playing football is my favorite thing to do. Playing the games with all my friends and being the running back is so fun. I would play football the rest of my life if i could.


The second memory would be going to Daytona Beach last spring break with a lot of my friends. We walked  around at night, went into cool stores and swam in the ocean. The third memory I would keep is when my friends and I go to Kendee’s house. At Kenadee’s house, we usually sit in her livingroom, mess around, listen to music or have a fire.


The fourth memory I would like to keep was is when my brothers had their friends over to play backyard football. I would get crushed, and I wouldn’t get the ball that much because I was way younger than everyone, but just playing with them was fun. Being young wasn’t always a bad thing. Whenever I scored a touchdown, my teammates would go nuts because they didn’t expect the young guy to score.The fifth memory I would like to keep, is going down to one of my friends grandmother’s house two houses down from mine to to play basketball on their full basketball court with my friends. Most of   it would get competitive and people would get heated at each other but, at the end of the day we were all friends playing basketball. The sixth memory is one of the funniest it was when Jack Bastian, Alex Kelsey and myself all were messing around on a Pink Power Wheels Barbie Jeep popping wheelies and doing stupid other stuff on it. Eventually we broke the jeep by Alex and I rolling it and cracking the roll bar and the frame. We even have a video of it. It’s hysterical because our voices are so high; we were so young. The seventh memory I would want to keep was hanging out with my best friend Liam from Geneva. We would walk around the streets Clyde with one of my other good friends Camden. We would walk to Fastrac to get pizza and other snacks. It would be so fun because the stupid things we would all do on the way there and back like every other teen used to do in this town . The very last memory I would like to keep is just high school in general. High school has left me with many great memories with lots of great people. Memories from high school that I’ve had are like winning sectionals for track, winning sectionals for football , winning the dodgeball tournament with my friends, the pep rally and interclass games even though the school makes the seniors win every year. Memories are a huge part of my life they affect my mood and how I act, memories mean a lot to me because they remind me of all the good times I’ve had so far and I hope to have many more in my future

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