A Hunting Tradition

November 21, 2017
By Alexkicks8 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Alexkicks8 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Hunting is something that I do rarely but when I do It is always a great experience. To me the deer population needs to be regulated and we need to protect resources so that they don't over populate. My first time hunting I was in Marquette Michigan and I was sitting in my deer stand. Me and my dad saw a deer and pointed to each other. He then pulled the trigger and down went to deer. The Deer was bigger then me and I never felt what it was like to be in the presence of a complete wild animal. We then harnessed the deer to our car. As we were driving home and I was on my phone my dad swerved and came inches from hitting a deer running across the road. Me and my dad couldn't help but start laughing and we were serious talking about how many deer there really are and that they need to be regulated.      

Another type of experience we had also relates to the same issue.  Due to the increase in the deer population; people need to hunt deer. With the increase of deer there are many decreases. Which include agriculture, fruits, vegetables and other everyday resources. For deer to survive they need to eat a lot so they can grow. Also when winter comes around deer need to eat more so they have energy to Rome around, stay warm, and create more baby deer. To keep the population of deer and agricultural resources in line we need to hunt. Hunting is a hobby and a sport. Some may not agree to it but it’s not about the cold blood kill. Deer our a very helpful resource. We get meat from it and fur that you can use. Also it goes back to not having an abundance amount of deer in certain areas. To fix all of these problems we need to hunt deer to create a more healthy environment that keeps our resources in line.
I was exposed to hunting with my dad when I was younger. We went on many hunting trips, taking various deer from properties over the years, It was an incredible experience. One of the more notable hunts was two years ago. My dad and I that year was on public land, It was about 300 acres. We were out into our spot about 5:30 am, it was below freezing and the sun was just peeking over the tops of the frost covered pines. Our spot was overlooking a corn field, abandoned years ago. We sat around till around noon, when a doe came running over a ridge behind us and came across the middle of the field and bedded down on the other side. Adrenaline pumping, we tracked it across the field and slowing approached the grass, the doe popped up and stared at us, my dad lined up the sights dropped it. It was a 120 lb deer and we were able to get several months of meat.

I have been hunting since I was ten years old. Hunting has always been a family traditions for us Tetzlaff’s. We have our own land in Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin. A hunting experience that stick out to me is open morning in the year 2012. My dad and I had to walk out to our stand at 5:45 to be in my stand by opening time. The stand is a 1.1 mile walk. As we got out to our stand, the sun began to rise and light started to stab through the tree like knives. With the temperature being below zero I was constantly shaking my hand warmers, and my toes I could barely feel. We were sitting out until about nine hearing the constant crashing and thrashing of squirrels running through the dry leaves. When out of nowhere a sound hit me that was not a squirrel. A little buck came running to the right of me. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest and the adrenaline pumping. I lined up my sights on my 20 gauge shotgun and clinched the trigger. The buck dropped and was the first deer I had ever shot. It was a 6 pointer and had a big broad body. Hunting is a big part of my life and my families life. 

Now many individuals will say hunting is bad for the environment and is only going to kill off the population of deer. But, I have to disagree with the various critics, hunting and taking an animal's life in many cultures is habitual and very much respected. For instance, only hunting deer for the benefit of getting meat to feed your family and hunting/ killing deer in a human manner. These two principles are followed by all hunters to ensure strength in population for years to come and help aiding natural selection in the population, creating a healthier smarter population of deer.

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