Heartbreak Is an Emotion

November 21, 2017
By ForeverWrite4 SILVER, Newport, Washington
ForeverWrite4 SILVER, Newport, Washington
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Fire and Ice
By:Robert Frost

There will always be a small part of me that still loves you. That will never change. For almost three months I grew with you. Back then it felt like a year, but now it feels like it was only a week. I hate to admit it but I miss you. Not the you that hurt me, but the you that I cease to see anymore. The you I saw in those first couple weeks. The you before you changed….or the you before I saw the “real” you. I know you don’t miss me and I probably never cross your mind. I see you in the halls and around town. I wonder how you’re doing but at the same time I don’t care. Do I? You hurt me in so many ways but for some reason you still look like an angel. But you’re not. You’re evil. Why did I ever get involved with you? I knew you weren’t good for me. You had that mystery about you and I guess I just wanted to solve it. Well I did and the outcome was the opposite of what i’d hoped for, but I guess that’s life. It’s painful. It’s not anger or sadness. The thing that hurts the most is not knowing what it is. This feeling I’m feeling. No this emotion I’m feeling. Heartbreak? Yes, heartbreak is an emotion. An emotion that will forever be a part of me now.

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