Broken Heart

November 16, 2017
By Daylan BRONZE, Dayton, Ohio
Daylan BRONZE, Dayton, Ohio
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I had a dream

Broken heart I met this girl not just any girl like a girl a woman she was light skin 5/8 good personality she was nice have a nice smile. I couldn't shake the feeling that, that I wanted this girl I was 14/15 at the age she was 13/14 and she wasn't any regular 14 year old she went through stuff most kids did not go through her name was K she was a sweet innocent young lady will at least when I met her one day I came over and she was sitting outside and I had the biggest crush on her but she didn't know but I think she had a clue so we talked and when we got done talking she said look we we can go out just don't tell nobody. You can't tell no one she said and I agreed but then a couple days later I'll stop seeing her and she stopped coming around so fast forward it couple years later I found her again at her house her new house and I just I just like feel the love in the air and I just looked into her eyes and I just seen I just seen like so much hurt and pain. But I thought I could stop that I thought I could fix it I thought I could be the night and Charming armor to come in and sweep her off her feet me that's what I thought. So we started dating redeem for a couple months and things are things are really going well I mean they are but we're both not we both not telling each other that is not going well because how much love we have for each other but kierre just she was just she was just someone that wanted what she deserve and she and she and she deserved it but I couldn't give it to her and I wasn't doing good enough so we get in this big argument fussing and fighting cussing each other out getting mad saying stuff that we don't mean and don't post to say she's mad I'm mad she stopped talking to me then a couple days later she has a new boyfriend and mind you we went out for 6 months six months of my life I gave her 6months of my life I stay with her and she broke up with me all because she said I spent way too much time with my friend but I was over her house everyday every night day in Day Out. Couple days later I tried to text her this is my girlfriend so I'm blowing up her phone well I thought it was my girlfriend come to find out 3 days later she has a boyfriend and she's in love with him now. Now me I've been through this a lot of times but I can never get used to something like that until I started to accept like stuff like that is going to happen on its own in the world like people are just like that I dare say they love you they say they care for you they say all they want is you but you never know what they really want until you break up and you and your just mad and you're just throwing stuff in your face and just angry angry so angry you just say everything that you really feel and it's too late now.

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