My Fear of Drowning

November 14, 2017
By queenn.n BRONZE, Sacramento, California
queenn.n BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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When I was  eight years old, I went to the water park for my cousin's birthday. I was so excited and eager to get on everything. I was waiting for my best friend and her mom to come so we could pay our way in. When we got in, we went to the table where all my family was. We gave them hugs n kisses. I gave my cousin his gift. Before we went off, we ate a little bit cause we know we going in the water.                                                                         


Me and my best friend decided to to take turns to pick I decided to go first.                                     

"Let's get on this one it doesn't look too scary," I said.                            

So we got in line we waited and waited finally after 10 minutes it was two tunnels to go down to  i I took the red one she tooked the blue . i I felt my heart beat so fast i was sweating iI  was bout to back out but before i I could she pushed me it was fast i I couldn't even see before you know it  I  went under the water. I was just stiff. I  couldn't get up till I seen something red reached in the water. I grabbed it and it pulled me out the water. I was shaking then again happy that didn't die.                                                                                                                                       

"Enough water slides for you," my mom said. .                                                                                                                        

I continued the day having a blast with my family and friends the next time I will know to wear a life jacket. Drowning is my fear because I almost died. I thought it was gone a peace of cake when its the other way around. 342d what I learned from my experience is to be more careful don’t rush into things cause you never know whats gonna  happen how  I overcame it  by going swimming holding ma breath under water and over the times you will forget about.

The author's comments:

I wanted share my fears to remind people they not alone

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