Near Death

November 14, 2017
By Anonymous

I remember when I was 14 years old home with my brother and sisters. And my oldest sister wanted to go hang out with her friend. So I decided to stay home and watched my family. Everytime my sisters or brothers leave i tell them to be safe. When my oldest sister left the house an hour later i was watching the news with my step mom and she started yelling and said ”OMG Mintoya got hit by a car.” my dad was on the phone and my step mom ran outside and told him. When my dad went inside of the house he was crying and the phone rang and told my father told use he had got hit by a car and she died and came back to life.

My father said “I’ll be back watch your brothers and sisters for me”. When my dad leaves 10 mins later a policeman came to my door and he asked for my dad but my step mom had to step outside and talk. And my step mom started crying.

The police officer said “Everything is going to alright.”

Out of nowhere my brother comes up to me and says the fries were starting to burn, so i had to change them. When she comes back in he tells use my grandpa is on his way so get dressed. When my grandpa came he took me and my lil sis and lil brother and older brother to the hospital. He go up to her room and my dad was already in their and she was sitting there and i was finding anyway to keep her happy. My dad has said “ mintoya has a head concussion and she died and came back to live. The next day my dad went to pick my sister up we went out to eat then went home. I learn that your life can flash before your eyes.

The author's comments:

this inspires me to write this story because i love my older sister mintoya robinson so much. and she had cancer when i was younger and i wanted to tell one of her storyies when she died and came back to life.

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