The Last Goodbyes

November 14, 2017
By Anonymous

“Wake up, I need you guys to dress!” My mom said. “Why?” I asked. “ No time for questions, let's go” She yelled with frustration. I got ready, ran out the door and went in the car. I was so scared and worried about her but, I just didn’t say anything.

First, my family and I drove to the hospital we were all terrified. My mother was calling her sisters and brothers and the rest of the family. We got to the hospital and ran inside as fast as a bullet.

Then, my mother checked in and asked, “ Can you please show me the room number for Meth Vieng.” The lady who worked at the counter told us where the room was and we ran right away to find the room. We found the room and there I saw my grandma holding his hands, there were tears coming down as fast as a waterfall. My mother cried and the rest of the family cried with sadness. I was just standing there like a statue if it had eyes with tears coming down. My heart dropped like when the twin tower collapse. I walked towards my grandfather, and as I grabbed his hand there his eyes opened with sorrow looking like he was about to cry. As he looked at me it looks like he was trying to tell me something with his eyes. I didn’t know what he was trying to say but, I know that last eye contact we made was going to memerboled.

Next, my mother told me to leave the room so the buddhism because she said that they were on their. As we waited my uncle told us that they are here and him and his brothers went down to the lobby and helped the buddhism with their stuff. They came up and walked into the waiting room where my family and I waited. “ Where is your father” he asked my aunt while she was sobbing with tears. “ He is in here” she replied. So when they were getting ready for the paying he told us to come in and closed the door.

After that, the buddhism started to say their prayers and everyone started to cry and whimper. After the prayers were done there my Grandfather passed away. Everyone was shocked and quiet. My grandmother cried and held his hands. While everyone was in the room crying with with her.

Last, the buddhism  finished up their prayers, packed up , and left the room. Then the doctors told us to leave the room for a second. After the doctors are done they told us that we can come in. As we walked in there was a bucket full of water that was blessed before the buddhism left. They told us to rub the water on my grandfather because we are giving our blessing him to. After rubbing the water all over his body it was time to leave but the problem was my grandmother lost the love of her life. So she decided to stay until it was dark. My family and I packed up our things and left the hospital. By today I remembered him as my idol because everytime I see him I look up to him as a person who to become next.

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