Dream Day

November 14, 2017
By Anonymous

The day was like a dream. The water calm, the sun beaming down at us. I knew today was the day, to have a great time to have fun at the beach with my friends.

At home I was constantly asking mom, ¨When are we leaving to go to Mimi house.” She said “We will be leaving soon.” I told mom, ¨Why can we go now.” She said to me, “We need to wait. You will see Mimi soon.¨

On the car ride to Mimi´s house we had the ac blowing on us because it was really hot out. Before we went to Mimi´s we stopped and picked up my sisters and my friend. I was anxious to finally hang out at the beach with my friends. All of us were ready just to get out of the car and jump in the water. When we arrived at Mimi´s we all ran inside and got dressed. Then we all ran to the beach and jumped in the water, we were so relieved  to jump in the water it was relaxing and calming.

¨Cannonball,¨ we screamed joyfully, laughing until our stomachs hurt. ¨Splash,¨ when we all hit the water. At the depths of the lake the water was cool and calming, like I was in Florida on vacation. The sun as hot as a blaze of fire. The air dry and humid, like we were in the desert on a hot day. The sand as hot as burning coals. Burning your feet, not allowing you to stand on it without getting blisters.

In this fast paced world, people need to take the time and enjoy the surrounding around them. Like my day with my friends I haven't hung out with them since then and i haven't even seen one of them since then. It was the most fun I had in awhile it was like the day I dreamed about and it came true.

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