Day on the Lake

November 13, 2017
By Kate_N BRONZE, Lake Oswego, Oregon
Kate_N BRONZE, Lake Oswego, Oregon
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Listening to my dad tell stories about my grandpa has been one of my favorite forms of entertainment. Grandpa’s fun and reckless activities were always enjoyable to hear about. One of my favorite stories I will tell you now. It is about the thoughtless folly that occurred on an enjoyable, unforgettable day on the lake. I humor myself with such bright fancies of that day, imagining every detail of the emotions my dad, his twin brother, and grandpa felt. This is how the story went:

It was a bright sunny day, and a young adventurous dad with his two twin boys had just finished a splendid day on the lake. The dad was tall and handsome and had a young face with dark hair. He let off the impression that he was smart and talented, which he was, but still reckless and in spirit very much still a little boy. Now the twin boys were also quite good looking for their age, tall, with bright lively eyes, and greatly enjoyed the company of their dad. They had been brought up to be independent and also had a vivid adventurous spirit.

The day was pleasant, the lake was shining like crystals and the sky was a forget-me-not blue. The trees around the lake were tall and let of perfumes as the sun shown through them creating a greenish haze. The air smelled fresh and the day was cool. They had had a great time, but the boys and their dad now faced a problem. They had their own boat, but had also rented a metal canoe. The problem that faced them was as follows: they were ready to return the canoe back to where they rented it, but that place was on the other side of the lake and a nice distance to row all the way there. So how would they get it back? Well as you might have imagined a solution very quickly formed in the dad’s mind accompanied by a splendid idea to make the process quite thrilling. They tied the metal canoe to the back of their boat, and prepared to pull it back to port.

“All right boys, hop in!” their dad exclaimed with an air of Santa pulling an extra large gift from his bag.
The boys seemed a little shocked at first, but soon “hopped in” excitingly and enthusiastically getting ready for the ride, for what is life without a little risk? Their dad marched up to the front of the boat, turned on the engine, and the boys prepared themselves for the upcoming attraction. The engine roared, and the boys felt a lurch as their dad started suddenly and quickly. They zoomed forward, while specks of cold water hit their faces and the canoe bumped up and down. They gained speed and started swerving to add to the thrill. It was truly a wonderful moment, the boys were having the time of their life, and their dad was making the ride as exciting and terrifying as possible.

But in the next moment, the canoe flipped, the boat slowed and stopped, and blood covered one boy’s face as he and his twin, who were thrown out of the canoe, waded in the water. The dad stood shocked, jaw dropped, as though he never suspected anything of this sort to happen. A deep cut right between the boy’s eyes was spilling with blood, covering the boy’s face and dripping into the water. The boy also had a large knot on his forehead were the canoe hint. His twin hurriedly dragged him into the boat, and his dad took the boy’s shirt and placed over his cut that was still bleeding profusely. They drove the boat quickly back to the rental place, dropped off the canoe, and started the long drive to the nearest hospital.

The boy was okay, after getting eight stitches between his eyes. The boys and their dad later considered the event a wonderful adventure and were keen to have more, which they did, many many more in fact, and they enjoyed them to the fullest. This humorous story has taught me a valuable lesson, which is to think before you act.

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