Sharing Is Caring

November 13, 2017
By Tabster BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Tabster BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
" And then GOD said let there be drummers, and the devil ran in fear."

One night after school, my old middle school band, who were led by Mrs. Bunch and Dr. Mullins, went to a seventh grade football game, to support our school. The percussionists Gabe, Nolan, Gilbert, Johnny, Cody, and I had to play on three snare drums, two quads, and four bass drums, for the pure reason of the fact that they are in the higher band.


“Yo, you guys need to let us play” I said very annoyed
“You aren’t supposed to be playing anyway. You’re supposed to be playing on your practice pads” Nolan complained
 “Except Mrs. Bunch said that if you guys would share we didn’t have to play on it, and besides I didn’t want to lug it around. We have the same amount of qualifications to play on them too. You can’t think that you guys are better than us just because you’re in a higher band,” I stayed in frustration.
“Well I mean technically we can Tabitha, but I do see your point. So Nolan, Johnny, and Cody need to let you guys play. We all are practicing to become better and if you don’t play they aren’t helping you,” Gabe said, defending me.
“No!” Johnny and Cody complained. Fortunately for them they knew exactly why they should’ve let me play. The year before I had broken my hand. On the day of auditions, I had just gotten my cast off, so I threw the audition. I was perfectly capable of playing as well as them.
“Fine,” Johnny and Cody said in disgust.
“Thank you,” I said in the nicest way to Gabe, Nolan, Johnny, and Cody.

Soon after I got the snare drum the, band directors, Mrs. Bunch and Dr. Mullins, told Wind Ensemble to play a song that they had just learned, and we were unable to play at that moment. This as usual made me upset.
Complaining I told Gabe, “Tell them to let us play!!” I just think it’s unfair that we don't get to do as many things as Wind Ensemble, especially when it comes to using the marching band equipment. We are just as capable as everyone else and no one knew it.

“Hey, Tabitha! If you're going to play the snare, you better come and get it before GIbert comes and takes it.” screamed Cody over the cheering.
“Alright! I’m coming! Chill out Cody.” I screamed back.
After playing the first song i had played all night i called Gilbert over, since he had been wanting to play and hadn’t gotten a chance.
“Hey Gilbert! DO you want to play with me? Just so it can still be fair for all of us?” I ask nicely.
“Sure,” he replied with excitement.

We had barely gotten to play all night and it was a nice thing for him to hear I was willing to share the snare with him. A lot of discrimination happens when you know someone in your grade is better than you. When you’re in a band like that it’s important to know to share because until you move on in life the people that you’re in band with act like your second family.

Everyone learned that sharing is caring. Seeing that we had limited equipment, it was important to know the proper times to share with other people. Whether it’s at lunch when someone doesn’t have anything to eat, or when it's something simply like a toy. It’s important to know that if someone isn’t sharing with you and then later you get whatever you wanted. If someone else wanted the same thing that you wanted and you got that item don’t be the same. Be the bigger person. Don’t fall into the temptation of doing the same as the person before you.

The author's comments:

This piece is about my hardships that I had in a public middle school band.

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