Driving Golf Carts in the Woods

November 13, 2017
By Anonymous

One weekend in the beginning of September, my family and I got in the car and drove to Southern Oregon for a wedding. I was very excited because I hadn’t been to Southern Oregon in a long time and I loved weddings. After a long, boring, three hour drive we got to our hotel, changed into our clothes for the wedding, and drove to venue. The location where the couple was getting married was at a resort in the middle of the woods. It wasn’t much of a resort but more like a camp, people stayed in cabins, there was a lodge, and there was a room full of games and had a sitting area and there was a lot of different thing to do. Some of the people that were invited to the wedding stayed in cabins in the campground. A little after we arrived, the couple got married, we had dinner and went into the lodge for cake. After eating the cake, my brother, Riley, and I hung out with my 12 year old cousin. An hour passed by, and we were bored so we came up with ideas of thing we could do; jumping in the pool with our clothes on, driving away to a store and getting food, playing hide and seek in the woods. Then after several ideas my cousin, Dylan, came up with the best idea.

“Guys I have the best idea ever!” said Dylan.
“That’s what you said about your last idea,” I said.
“No really this is the best idea! It is even better than the last one!” Dylan said excitedly.
“Ok what is it?” said Riley.
“We should take one of the golf carts and drive it around the resort! I know how to drive it! It will be fun!” said Dylan.
“Ok! Let’s do it!” I said.
“Yeah ok I’ll come too,” said Riley.
“Yeah! This will be great!” Dylan said.

So the three of us ran out of the room and went to search for a golf cart. We didn’t have to look far before we spotted one in the distance. We ran over to it and my cousin got in the driver's seat, my brother got in the passenger's seat, and I got in the back. My cousin drove for about ten minutes and then suddenly we saw a worker walking towards us. I thought we were going to get in big trouble. I knew I shouldn’t have gone with them, it was a bad idea, what if we ran into something, it wasn’t even our golf cart. But surprisingly she said…

“It really is fun riding those things! Don’t ya think?”
“ Uhh… yeah! Super fun.” stuttered Dylan.
The lady walked away and we all breathed a sigh of relief. We drove away fast into the woods making sure to not drive into the camp anymore. I didn’t want to get in trouble again. A couple of minutes later we stopped.
“Where are we?” I frantically said.
“In the woods! Duh!” Said Dylan.
“Yeah I know that but where in the woods?” I asked sort of annoyed.
“I'm not sure where in the woods, but I know how to get back,” Dylan said
“Ok,” I said with a sigh of relief.
“So! Does anyone want to drive?” Dylan said.
“I do!” I exclaimed.

I got in the driver’s seat and my cousin got in the passenger seat with my brother in the back , I pushed the gas pedal drove through the woods in the middle of the night!I felt the wind in my hair and the breeze on my face. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends at school, they would think I was so cool! Suddenly I heard a loud bang and felt my chin hit the steering wheel! When I looked up I saw a tree right in front of me! I looked around for my cousin but he wasn’t in the seat next to me! I looked just beyond the cart and saw him laying on the ground outside of the cart. I got out and ran around the cart, I rolled him over and saw him with a smile on his face.

“Are you ok!” I screamed frantically.

“Uhh yeah.” Dylan said.
“Ok good!” I said.
I turned around and saw the golf cart was rammed into the tree. We all ran over to the cart and saw that only a few scratches were on the cart.
“Oh good!” said my brother.
“Yeah, so you're never driving again!” Dylan said.
“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea…,” I said.

We got in the cart I was in the back, Dylan in front and Riley next to him. Dylan pushed the gas pedal and the cart didn’t move. He pushed again and again but we were stuck. Riley and I got out and started to push. We pushed it about 10 feet and decided to run away. We ran to Dylan’s cabin but about 15 minutes later we saw three men pushing a golf cart outside the cabin. We ran outside and  yelled!

“Hey! What happened to that golf cart?” Dylan said.
“Oh! We think it ran out of batteries.” One of the men said.
The men pushed the cart away.
“Well that’s good!” Dylan said.

We ran to the game room and swore that we would never do that again. My mom and dad walked in followed by my aunt and uncle.

“Where have you been?” my aunt said almost yelling.
“Oh you know just driving golf carts.” said Dylan casually.

“Why did you say that!” I whispered as I elbowed him in the chest. He said nothing. As I looked back up to where my aunt and uncle and parents were I didn’t see the same same angry face. I saw four happy and laughing adults.
“Why are they not like totally angry” I said.
“I do this all the time!” Dylan replied.
After this incident I know not to do things that could possibly be dangerous without asking permission first.

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