The Speedy Scooter Incident

November 13, 2017
By Marin.Hefty BRONZE, Tigard, OR, Oregon
Marin.Hefty BRONZE, Tigard, OR, Oregon
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It was a warm, sunny day and the sun was shining down on us. My dad was hard at work in the front yard. My neighbor Craig was also working in his yard. My friends, Summer, Ryder, who re brother and sister, Ethan, and I were discussing what we were going to do next. We decided that it would be fun to ride our scooters. I did not have a scooter so I borrowed one from Summer and Ryder.   It was a super fast, speedy scooter. I really liked it; it was a bright sunshine orange with a silver metallic that glazing in the sun. Ethan said we should go to the top of our very high, steep hill and go down it and take a very sharp right turn into our cul de-sac. I thought this was a very awesome idea and a great challenge. Of course Ethan went first and made it so successfully it was so cool to watch. He turned gracefully without even shaking once. Then Ryder went, flying down the hill and gliding around the corner so gracefully. Then it was Summer’s turn she we nt down. She started a little shaky but then it was time for her to turn the sharp corner. She, like the others, gracefully glided around the corner. It was my turn now, I didn’t even think about I just went. I did not start out well I was shaking but then got a hold of myself. Now I would have to turn the corner. My friends had done it so well, but I did not realize you would have to use the brake. I was going so fast when I turned the corner I didn’t use my break cause I had no idea where it was. I did not find it in time and fell off and slammed into the side walk as my wrist slammed against the side walk twisted. It hurt so bad, I could feel it throbbing. I had not even thought that was a terrible idea. I just did it because my friends did. At that moment I thought why did I do it. I went inside to tell my mom and she said I probably just bruised it. So I went back outside to keep playing. We stopped playing on our scooters. Instead we played hide and seek. After the days had gone by my wrist had gotten worse.


My mom took me to the doctor and we waited in that weird smelling doctor's office smell. The doctor took me to the x-ray room. The doctor came and told us it was broken. I was very sad that I couldn’t do the stuff I wanted to do with a cast. Always think about your decisions before you do it.

The author's comments:

This piece of writting is about a desions my friends and I made. I never thought about it I just did it. That desion I made, made me get hurt. The reason I decided to write about this is so teens would think about there desions before theymake them.

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