The Blackout

November 13, 2017
By hannah1011 BRONZE, Tualatin, Oregon
hannah1011 BRONZE, Tualatin, Oregon
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It all started on a blazing, hot, summer day, the morning before a track meet. I had not drank any water since yesterday and it was around ten o’clock in the morning. My track meet was scheduled for three o’clock pm. I knew my track meet was coming up but I thought rest was more important than water so I continued to lay on the couch and watch tv without drinking any water. My mom repeatedly told me to drink more water but I refused, replying, “I’ll be fine what’s the worst that can happen.” Little did I know I should have taken her advice. As three o’clock neared, we left the house, on the way to the track meet, my water was at a convenient reaching distance so I decided to take a sip but after that I drank nothing more. As we arrived at the meet I got out of the car, ran to my friends and we hung out until it was time to warm up. After a couple minutes, it was time to warm up. I hopped in a line and jogged, then stretched. I started to feel light headed but my water was all the way across the field and I couldn’t make it over there before it was my turn to stretch or jog, so I continued. A couple minutes later I turned my head and everything looked blotchy and bright, as everything started to turn grey then black. I turned my head again and saw the outline of my friend, Jenny. My head was spinning and my heart was racing, I thought to myself was I going blind! As I started seeing color again I ran to my mom, the lady with the big camera, and by that time I had gotten my vision fully back. After I told her what had happened, I waited while she talked to my coach, thinking about what my mom had said before about drinking water. I decided to drink as much as I could before she got back, and it really helped. When we left, we to the doctor, and she said it was only a lack of water like everyone had said. Therefore I ended up missing the rest of the track season. The big lesson I learned from this story is to always drink plenty of water before exercising.

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