My Love For Ice Cream

November 13, 2017
By bestsoccermom BRONZE, Tualatin, Oregon
bestsoccermom BRONZE, Tualatin, Oregon
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Several years ago, when I was a young, innocent, 11 year old girl, I saw something magnificent in the freezer. My mom had brought home glorious cookie dough ice cream. Nothing is better than fresh, creamy, mouthwatering, ice cream. As the day progressed, I finally got the nerve to ask my mom for a delicious scoop of my favorite ice cream. To my surprise she said, “Yes, but only two scoops!!” I was so excited to eat several creamy scoops of yummy ice cream. So, after hearing this amazing news, I raced down the stairs to find the ice cream in the freezer waiting for me to eat.  It was the perfect time to have some ice cream outside. The sun was shinning, the birds were chirping, and the sky was a beautiful blue. I pulled the freezer out feeling the cold breeze sweep up, and then I reached in and grabbed the cold bucket of ice cream. Then, after I scooped my two scoops of ice cream I ran out the door with excitement to taste the cold, creamy, goodness, in my mouth.

In less than three minutes I was disappointed. My prize was finished and all that was left was some of the creamy goodness that melted off. I wanted more cookie dough ice cream! Without any more thought I quickly managed to be back at the cold freezer to get more ice cream. However, right as I pulled the fantastic ice cream out, I heard something coming down the stairs. The noise sounded like a person hopping. Sure enough it was my mom coming to check on me. As she made it into the kitchen she looked confused.

My mom asked me, “You haven’t eaten your ice cream yet?”
“Well,” I said, “I’m just getting a little more.”
My mom quickly answered back, “No more ice cream!”
“Ok,” I said with a disappointed look on my face.
“Enjoy the nice weather and go outside and play with your friends,” she said with a big smile on her face.
Thinking that playing outside could be fun I said, “Ok.”

Then after that moment I went outside and leaped on my huge trampoline for a few minutes. While I was on the trampoline I started feeling uncomfortable and hot, so I decided to go into the nice air conditioning. As I was inside all I could think about was eating more ice cream. I thought to myself that a tiny scoop of ice cream would do nothing to me, and I would be perfectly normal, or the same with it. Then I decided to quickly and stealthily make it back to my stainless steel, pull-out, freezer. I rapidly scooped a few more scoops of ice cream. After, I grabbed my bowl and ran up the stairs into my room. My room was a great place to hide out where my mom would not be able to see me. So, once I made it to my secret hideout I hastily ate my scrumptious ice cream. I did it! My mom didn’t even find out, and I felt absolutely normal like I thought I would feel.

Following flying through the air again on my bouncy trampoline I didn’t feel like my wild perky self. Then after waiting a little bit longer; my stomach started feeling like something was not so right in stomach land. I quickly laid down on the couch hoping my mom wouldn’t come down the stairs. As I laid down it slowly got more painful. I didn’t want to make a big mess, so I decided to go and sit next to the toilet, just in case anything happened to explode out of my mouth. I waited there for a few very long minutes. Sure enough my mouth started to water and I knew my stomach was really mad at me, so out flew some nastiness that we probably shouldn’t talk about or it would get super gross. After a few more seconds of pain it happened one last time.

Then after that nasty disaster my mom came in the bathroom hearing the gross sound of puking and made sure I wasn’t dying. Although it sounded terrible, I lived. My mom was amazing and took care of me even though I disobeyed her.

After puking I knew eating all that yummy ice cream was a terrible idea. I should have listened to my mom because she knew what was best for me. Looking back at this moment I never eat more than two scoops of ice cream. What looked good at the moment didn’t always work out as you can see.

The author's comments:

Throughout this story I learned how eating too much ice cream can affect you. I should also listen to my parents because thay know what is right.

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