Runaway Girl

November 13, 2017
By shayshay14 BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
shayshay14 BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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It was a Wednesday, which meant I had church that night. I had just gotten out of school, from Mrs. Porter's fourth grade class.  My mom had picked up my little sister, Olive and I from school in her little silver Toyota car. We drove for a couple of minutes and then stopped at the stop light. The stop light was at an intersection, in front of a restaurant and Kaady the Car Wash. We were talking to our Mom about our school day when all of the sudden, I heard a scream. It came from across the road. It was a young woman who looked to be in her young twenties, she was running as fast as she could screaming “Help!” running behind her was a young man wearing a formal white shirt and jeans, and in his hand was a gun.

The girl came up to three cars who turned her down for help before she asked us. She came up to my car and pounded on the car window door saying “Help, please help me, he’s chasing me with a gun!”. My mom unlocked the car door and the young lady got in my car. She was wearing a white shirt with what looked like sweat stains on it, gray sweatpants, and around her waist was a thin Nike sweatshirt, she was not wearing shoes just little white socks on her feet.  With my sister and I both terrified the light turned green and we left, leaving the man who was chasing her cursing. “Thank you,” the lady said with tears running all over her face and her hands shaking.

“It’s no problem at all, what’s your name?” my Mom said while handing her some tissues out from her purse.
“My name is Skyla,” she said still gasping for air from running.
“Take your time and tell me what happened,” said my Mom.

She told us she was in her apartment, when her boyfriend came over. Skyla had to use the bathroom and when she came out he had a gun in his hands screaming that he was going to kill her. She got as close to the door as she could, and ran from the apartment. She had made her way to the intersection where she met my mom. I could tell Olive was sacred from the story so I held her hand.

“Is there anywhere that you want me to go, I was on my way home,then we're heading to church do you want to come?” my mom said.
“I don’t know,” said Skyla.
“How about you just come home with me and then you can make a phone call,” my mom said. Skyla nodded in agreement, and with that Skyla came to my house. My little sister Olive, kept her mouth shut the whole ride home for the first and last time.

When we got home Olive grabbed go-gurts from the freezer, handed one to me and we ate them in the living room in total silence. Until Skyla mentioned that she used to eat frozen go-gurts all the time as a kid. “That’s cool,” said Olive. Next thing you know Skyla is completely relaxed and telling us about her family. Finally, we're all in the car on the way to mall 205 to drop Skyla off to her best friend. Skyla told us that her parents were ashamed of her and never to call her again same with the rest of her family. With her safe, we prayed for her, then we dropped her off and she thanked us and left with her friend. Later on we heard from her again in a year thanking us and reassuring that the judge put him in jail. I learned that year to be thankful for friends that you can depend on. Because in the end family friends and God are all that really matters.

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My teacher inspired me to write by telling my class to "write what we think about our topic"

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