Bullies Do Not Always Win

November 13, 2017
By Emilyg03 BRONZE, Dracut , Massachusetts
Emilyg03 BRONZE, Dracut , Massachusetts
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Being bullied can have lifelong effects on you and your future. I should know it happened to me. It was the worst experience in my life and I never felt so alone. It all started in eighth grade. My experiences with her were she used to call me names, and she put me down a lot.


It always happened in math, I remember the classroom, the desks, and the people in my class. I remember the white board, and the desks were gray, the walls were white. I could feel her loud obnoxious voice attacking me. She made me feel sad by the things she used to say to me and she used to make me cry a lot. I was terrified by the whole situation and that made the experience worse. My face would become beat red, the moment people noticed when I was upset. My eyes started to fill with tears and I felt uncomfortable. Every time she would start bothering me I was frozen at the moment. She used to talk about me behind my back to other people in the classroom.


One time in library I had to be in a group with her because the teacher picked the groups and I didn't want to be in a group with her. We were doing this activity and she started saying mean things to me and she kept complaining that I was in her group, and that was the point I had enough and so I told her, “ you know what i'm so tired of you being mean to me and putting me down all the time and bullying me.” I felt proud because I finally stuck up for myself. 

So after a couple of weeks she left me alone and she didn’t bother me after that because I put her in her place.


We resolved the issue because my parents had a meeting with the principle and they talked about moving her out of my classes. Once she wasn't in any of my classes anymore I felt so much better and relieved. This situation taught me that someone was picking on me that I should stand up for myself and not be afraid.

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