Florida Bound

November 13, 2017
By Anonymous

This is an experience that was great. Flying high in the sky alone was extraordinary. Being in a big city is great, buildings soaring high the experience great.

It was sunday afternoon the cool breeze of march was bitter, walking into the airport was exciting, flying by yourself is nerve wracking and exciting at the same time. Walking through security at the airport, security asking you all these questions putting your bags through the scanner, walking through a metal detector, feels like you're in a movie. After doing all of that I start to head to the gate where i would board the plane, getting to the gate I see my plane then I got a burst of excitement thinking i'm about to go fly on a plane. I get on the plane find my seat and just wait. Then out of nowhere the captain says “prepare for takeoff”. After he says that we were already in the air flying high over the city of Boston. It was about a three hour plane ride and I was supposed to meet my aunt at the Orlando airport. The plane lands and I say to myself “Thank god bout time”. It was kinda late about 10:30pm in the airport alone trying to find exit then I find on walk out to like a place where a whole bunch of cars were lined up. I called my aunt asking where she was, she said something like i'm in a red van where a whole bunch of cars where. I see a red van i get in and all my cousins are in there, I say hi and all that stuff then driving back to the hotel was quick it was like 10-15 minutes.

The next morning I was so excited because there are so many things to do I didn't know what we where were doing. “What are we going to be doing today”. We are going to Universal Studios. I was so filled with excitement I had no words. Getting into the place was crazy first it was like parking was crazy there was so much different gradges  that you could park in we park in the one nearest the park. Walking into the park was extraordinary, there was so much people trying to get onto rides long lines, but we had a fast pass so we could cut the line and besides waiting thirty minutes we would wait like like 5-10 minutes. There was so much rides my favorite being the Rip Ride Rocket which is a big red roller coaster doing flips, corkscrews, up and down, everything. They had a simpsons ride, Transformers, terminator and much more. Most of the rides where 3d which was pretty cool. After a long day we go back to the hotel and go swimming in a nice heated pool.

The next day we had planned to go to Disney world which sounded like a good idea. The traffic was light. We get into the park, it was extraordinary because all of the times seeing the disney palace on tv then getting to see it in real life is great. There was so much people you could barely walk. They had so many different types of food the mosquete smell of chicken, the smell of hamburgers grilling, the smell of hot dogs cooking. To be honest Disneyland is alright because I feel like it's kind of like a little kid place, but there were some good rides there, like 3 rides that I enjoyed. After a long day at the park not eating we stop for some food in the park. There was like a big food place a sit down place, there was so much food brought out to us I was so hungry I could probably eat it all. Leaving the park was insane, there was so many people trying to leave at once, it was about 11 o'clock pm the parking lot was a far ways away so Disney provides transportation to the parking lots. There was a good 1000 people all trying to leave at the same time finally we get on the transportation thing. We get back to the hotel at like 12 o'clock pm I don't go night swim that night because it was late and go right to bed.

My last day in florida last day to go to an amusement park spend some time with family. Today was Universal's Islands Of Adventure I was thrilled to go because I heard a lot of good things about that park. There was so much to do just like at every other park. There was this one ride that stood out out out of all of them, the Dueling Dragons. It was two roller coaster right next to each other that miss each other by 20 feet going at rapids speeds. Going up the hill getting ready to basically free fall my stomach full of butterflies the wind in the face was extraordinary. Doing flip after flip spin after spin was amazing. That was the highlight of the day. Leaving the park was kind of sad because it was my last day in Florida and I had to go back home the next day. Waking up in the morning going to the airport I hated it. Even though I like to go on planes, but this time I didn't because I didn't want to go home. By the time I knew it I was on the plane heading back home.

In conclusion this was a great experience spending time with family. Doing a whole bunch of fun things, and being able to have the experience of travelling.

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