The Creature in the Apple Orchard

November 14, 2017
By Anonymous

It all started as a normal trip to the apple orchard. I went with a friend of mine that I don’t want to say his name so let's call him Billy. Billy’s family and mine would go to the apple orchard every year.  My family scheduled the trip with Billy’s family. We decided to go to the orchard right after church got over. As soon as church ended Billy and I got in his car and started on our way to the orchard. My friend and I played video games all the way to the barbeque place. My family would always go to this barbeque place but this year it was different. This year they had a tasting area for jellies. I am confident that I ate half of their storage. Once I had eaten as much as I could we were on the road again. We soon got to the orchard and grabbed a cart.

“Hey Billy come here!” I yelled.

“Ok,” replied Billy. Billy came running over with a gnarly looking rusted apple picker.

“Where did you find that?” I asked. Billy just shrugged. I shrugged in return. We went gamboling off into the forest of the orchard. Billy and I went out to where we normally pick apples and waited for our families. Our families showed up shortly afterwards and that is when the fun began. Billy went over to his brother and talked to him about the game that we were going to play. After Billy got done talking to his brother, he came back and told me he was going to play. Billy’s brother yelled start. Billy ran off to the left side of the apple cart and I went to the right side. Billy made a quick grab for the apples and got one but then his mother stopped him. I knew that things were about to go downhill. Billy called for me to come over. I came running back to the rest of our family group. My Mom was standing their with a look of “you are in so much trouble when we get home” look. I walked solemnly over and I had to walk with the rest of my family and be bored. While I was walking I started thinking about what was going to happen when I got home. Long story short, I got home and was grounded immediately. I learned that I can have fun games but they may not be appropriate at times. This was just one of my many interactions with the stink eye my mother gives me.

The author's comments:

there are times to be bored and not have fun and there are also times to have fun

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