Two Pieces of Me

November 9, 2017
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When I was in the Nest I dressed up as a fairy princess on halloween and people thought I was a girl because my hair was longer than the average boy. People had assumed based on stereotypes that I was a girl. At that age, I didn’t understand how certain things were “for girls” and “for boys”. I didn’t understand at the time why people called me a girl. But now looking back, I can see why. It’s unfortunate society has made certain items, colors, and other things “assigned” to boys or girls. When I’m older and have kids (a long long long time) I plan to be very flexible and not restrict certain “boys” and “girls” items. If it seems fun, then get it. What gender it’s intended for doesn’t really matter. When I was little my parents let me get whatever toy or item regardless the intended category (boy, girl), and I think that reflects some of the way I think today.

Ever since I was little, my mom told me that she was going to be a vegetarian. I didn’t quite understand at the time, but finally once my mom explained and told me, I decided I’d follow along and be a vegetarian too. I honestly can’t remember eating meat, and I now choose to be a vegetarian just because it’s “normal” to me not to eat meat. I don’t quite agree with animals being killed and people eating them, but the main reason I’m a vegetarian is because eating meat is abnormal for me and doesn’t feel right. To this day my mom and I are still vegetarians and we plan to be for a while. Being a vegetarian is an important part of who I am and also something my mother and I share.

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