Yo Soy Latina

November 7, 2017
By Anonymous

I  am a 15 year old latina girl living in the 21st century, where latina girls are known to have bodies with curves. Where latina girls aren’t the brightest people. And where latina women are seen as just housewives. See I come from a household where the women has to do all the house chores such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids etc. And the man of the house is the one going to work everyday to earn the money needed to maintain their families. Ever since I was a little girl I was always taught how to wash the dishes properly, how to fold the sheets, how to put in loads of laundry, how to sweep, etc. I remember wanting to play with dinosaurs or nerf guns as a kid, but my dad would always tell me “ no mija, those aren’t things you can play with” or he’d say “ mija don’t get all dirty in the mud you need to look nice for when company gets here”. I would sit there and look at him upset because I realized I wasn’t allowed to be like a guy. I had to learn how to have manners sooner than my brothers I had to learn how to clean so I could clean my brothers rooms. And as I got older and made more latina girl friends I came to realize that our parents taught us that we are “wanted” by a guy due to our ability of being “wifey” material. But as I got older I stopped doing my parents chores for their reasonings and started doing those same chores for my own reasons. I realized that them giving me those type of responsibilities wasn’t going to help me get the guy in my life that I needed. But I realized that they were going to teach me how to be an independent women at a young age. My parents may have not liked that idea but it didn’t matter. I wasn’t going to be that girl that did things because she needed a man to depend on. I am going to be that girl that does things so I don’t have to depend on any man to help me maintain myself. I used my parents “expectations” for myself.

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