I Love Myself

November 7, 2017
By Mochi-Mari BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Mochi-Mari BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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I am me, I am female obviously.
Is it that hard to tell? Should I change how I look?
No I don’t think so, to me I look perfect.
Everytime I look at myself, I am happy with how I am.
For me I am someone special, I am very different from others in a sense that I am very extra.
I am not scared to do what I want, or to be who I am.
I know that I act weird and I’m not always at my best, but it's who I am.
Sometimes people mistake me for a boy, and I think how if I totally look like a girl.
I say that I am wearing my brother’s old clothes that is a tad bit too big for me.
But so what I like wearing big sweaters and baggy clothes, it makes me feel warm and safe.
My mom criticizes me when I say I want to have short hair and wear baggy clothes, she says “Why, Do you like looking like a mess all the time”
To me I look fine of course I am like most girls sometimes, I do like to wear makeup and I do like to dress with better clothes, and I do sometimes miss my long hair.
But when I see myself in baggy clothes and short hair, I feel like me, like this is who I am, and
I love it.
It makes me mad and I constantly have arguments with my mom over how I dress and I just wish she could let me choose the way I look, she believes she has controls over how I look because she is my mother, and even though it makes sense, I am 15 I should have liberty to at least choose my hairstyles and my clothes for the week.
As I am not an adult yet and I’m living with my parents my mom feel like she has control over how I look, when in reality it’s the only freedom I ask for, to be able to express myself through my looks, the way I dress, the things I have, the things I like, and though my parents are ok with most of those I still wish to have the freedom to look how I am.
Even if some people find it weird or don’t like it I wouldn’t care as long as I like it I’m fine.
Cause it is who I am, My Identity.

The author's comments:

Its is talking about how I love myself and how I look and I dont care about how I look 

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