November 7, 2017
By Mmontalvo2020 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Mmontalvo2020 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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A lot of girls usually spend MOST of their money on clothes and food. What i spend most of money on is on make up! Many might say it's not only a waste of time but, most importantly a waste of money because makeup is extremely expensive. Well at least the good formulated make up is, but dupes are always helpful as well.


I've been modeling since i was about 6 years old and i remember seeing all the older girls with colorful eyeshadow. After practices and pageants, i would always ask my mom if i could start attempting to do my make up and i would always have to listen to the same lecture over and over again. She would explain how if I started doing my makeup, I wouldn't be able to have a quinceanera and I mean at that age that's all I ever wished for, I always would dream about my special day! Either way, I didn't listen and I started doing my makeup when I was in 6th grade but of course, it wasn't a full on glam. I would have to sneak into my mom's little, glittery, fuchsia make up bag and come up on her mascara. I then would take it to school and put it on in the school bathroom. My friends would sometimes see me and would ask me to put some on them too and so I did. Now that i look back at it, it wasn't because i was “ good “. I know this because old pictures show it all! Our mascara was running down our eyes and it was everywhere, a total mess I tell you! After school id run home and wash my face so my mom wouldn't see that i had it on.

In 8th grade (before i turned 15) , I convinced my mom to let me wear make up because this was when the whole makeup thing started becoming something. The only thing I wore was pressed powder foundation, which doesn't even have good coverage, and mascara. I literally knew nothing about makeup but i swore up and down that i did. In 8th grade i started wearing a $6 liquid foundation from Walmart and the same ugly, glittery, peachy eyeshadow everyday! I looked so ridiculous and nobody stopped me!

I didn’t even blend my foundation onto my skin right and neither did i blend my eyeshadow. I didnt even know what blending was at the time. The reason why i didnt know about it was because no one ever taught me how to do my make up. I would just look at other girls around school, stores , social media and would try to make it look somewhat like theirs. Of course it wouldn't because i was using some knock off brands and i would just wing everything but at the time i thought it looked good and i was doing it right. Boy, was i wrong!  When i had free time i would sit on the floor, in my room and just practice, practice, practice! I would sometimes try to watch makeup tutorials and it never worked out for me. They're just so boring to me, i can't sit around for 10 minutes watching a girl do her make up. Up until this day i still don't like watching makeup tutorials, they don't even help me out, not one bit.

A few months after my quinceanera last year, i applied my first pair of fake eyelashes on. I didnt apply them on good they weren't even glued to my eyelid right but little by little i started getting it. I then started getting more and more eyeshadow palettes, foundations, lipsticks, different makeup brushes. Every time i thought i was starting to get better at doing something, another technique or makeup product came into play and i would start to practice doing the “ new thing “ too. Not only was i trying to get better at one thing but sometimes up to 2 or even 3. I learned new things almost everyday. Then, contouring and highlighting your cheeks, nose and forehead came into the picture. So of course i hopped on that trend too. Little by little i learned more things and there's still so much to learn.

I started doing other people's make up maybe about 4 or 5 months ago. My first client i guess you could say, direct messaged me on Instagram and asked me if i could do her makeup for a school dance. I was so worried because it's different when doing someone else's makeup and it was gonna be my first time working on a stranger's face. I don't know how she was going to like it or if she was going to hate it or anything, i was just so nervous! So i ended up making up a big excuse instead of telling her the truth. I told her i wasn't going to have a ride to her house because my mom was going to have to go into work, i thought that was going to do it and i was going to get away with it. NO , she said it was fine and that she would be able to pick me up and take me to her house so i could do her make up there.  I couldn't keep making up excuses so i went with it! We kept texting until the day she booked me to go to her house and she told me that my little cousin was her friend and that my cousin told her to message me and book me. I was kinda mad at my cousin because she knew i wasn't comfortable with doing other people's make up, especially strangers. Now, i realized that she wasn't trying to embarrass me she was just trying to make me step out of my comfort zone. After i was done with my first client she said she loved it and she was trying to offer me some money, I didnt care how much she had in her hand because i wasn't going to take it no matter what. I then explained why i didn’t wanna take it and how she was my first actual client other than my mom,sister,friends and cousins and even then she still wanted to pay me! Of course i didn’t take it because she even gave me a ride to her house and i just felt super bad also she is the reason why i then started doing more girls make up! She really boosted up my confidence.

I didn’t start doing my makeup because i was insecure about my face, I just started doing it for fun and even now i still just do it for fun, if i'm ever bored i just sit at my vanity and do my makeup because practice is key! I don't ever get bored or tired of doing it. I don't wear makeup everyday, i don't think doing my makeup for school everyday is necessary. I don't wear makeup to impress guys or anyone else, I do it for myself. I just feel make up makes everything so much better but at the same time i like letting my skin breathe. I am no pro at makeup but i am working on being a part time MUA (MakeUp Artist). Makeup is an art and I will forever stand by that, as much as people disagree.

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