Stuck in School

November 7, 2017
By Anonymous

10 years ago we moved to Texas from California and started first grade came in to class and by the way I was one month late. By that time all the kids knew how to read and add so i did not understand nothing of what they say or what the numbers meant to be. I was the only kid that was not learning that much and the kids advanced to other subjects and i stayed back. In that school there was only white kids and speak only english.

I felt sad and everytime and did not have friends and when i went to school in the morning i always went back and cried to my mom because i did not wanted to be in that class. So by the end of the year my mom and the teacher talked and said that i was going to go to first grade. When the next year started the school started to fill up with color skined people and felt different in a good way and when i went to class i was the kid that knew what to do.

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