Team Captain

November 7, 2017
By apartington BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
apartington BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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Out of my siblings, I was the least likely to play a high school sport, let alone be the captain of the team. Sports were never my thing, but one day when my mom was talking about how my older sister should’ve continued to play golf and that maybe she would try to get my little sister interested in it, I took offense. How come I couldn’t play golf? After other similar conversations, my dad found a golf clinic provided by the city and asked my sister and I if we’d be interested in participating. I was happy to agree since I wasn’t against some exercise and especially because you don’t have to run in golf. My sister and I showed up to the fields with our mom and sister’s golf clubs and spent a great week learning the basics of golf. On the first day of school my sophomore year, fresh from the golf clinic, I heard an announcement for girl’s golf team try-outs. Being the bravest I had ever been I showed up to Oceanside Country Club’s immaculate courses armed with only a few old clubs and the most basic knowledge of golf. I really didn’t think I’d make the team, but they needed an alternate and one of the best experiences of my life began. Golf has given me friends I never would have met at school, it’s given me great memories, an outlet for my anxiety, and a place for me to grow and succeed.

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