Moving to a New House

November 6, 2017
By jillyp BRONZE, Dracut, Massachusetts
jillyp BRONZE, Dracut, Massachusetts
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Changes in life should not be a challenge. The greatest thing for me by far is getting to start fresh. I first lived in Billerica for four years with my grandma and then the last day of seventh grade my mom told me she had a surprise for me and my brother. At first I was happy but then when we got to the surprise I didn’t like it. The surprise was our new house. We went up to see what it looked like it was big. We now live in Dracut. My house is white outside and the door is dark green color. We have 2 bedrooms a bathroom and we also have a garage and there's a door that odes into my laundry room and there's a door you can go through to get to the garage. I asked my mom why we needed to move and she said to start fresh again. We had to wait till the weekend to move in because my mom had work and we needed my grandpa's truck.

My grandpas truck was big and had orange lights on the top and he had some type of tarp rolled up near the back of the window on the truck. The whole summer we stayed there and didn't go back to my grandma's house. That summer I hung out with friends and we went to the beach and the pool. We also went shopping for new school clothes for eighth grade. Then a few weeks rolled around and then it was the first day of school in a new school. The night before I was really nervous and I couldn't sleep but the next day I woke up and got ready and left. I walked to school slowly and nervously. The first day of school was like riding a roller coaster for the first time. That day was crazy but fun and I met a lot of new people. The weekend I moved I heard cars coming down the road and I smelled the trees in front of my house I also saw pretty houses and the stores that are on the top of my street.. My brother was happy but I wasn't. If I wouldn't of moved I wouldn't of made friends like I  have now and I wouldn't be able to have friends over because the house I lived in before it was my grandma's and I really didn’t wanna have my friends in that house because my grandma was kind of strict. Ever since I moved my lifes gotten better now i’m glad my mom decides to move.

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